Why You Should Turn Off GPS on Your Android Phone

Android phones have multiple functions, for example, they now offer you “senior mode”, “WhatsApp drunk mode” and even “reading mode”. But there is a function that comes from the factory and serves to provide our contacts with other information, we are talking about GPS.

Many Android users complain that leaving GPS on in their mobile phone could be harmful. In this article, we are going to discuss about this.

Keeping GPS active allows the apps we install to know where you are going and send you different promotions and targeted ads based on your location. So, here we are going to tell you the reasons why it is not very advisable to always have GPS enabled on your Android phone.

What is GPS and How Does It Work?

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GPS, which stands for Global Positioning System, is a system consisting on one side of a network of 30 satellites called NAVSTAR, located in an orbit about 20,000 km from Earth. GPS receivers allow us to identify our location anywhere on the surface of the Earth and weather conditions at any given time. Each country has its own satellite network operated and by a government agency or department. In the United States, operated by its Department of Defense. In Nigeria, the county’s satellite network is operated by National Space Research and Development Agency.

GPS operates through a network of at least 24 satellites orbiting the Earth at an altitude of 20,180 km, with synchronized trajectories spanning the entire surface. In practice, usually 4 or more satellites are needed to determine a position with some precision.

Importance of GPS in a Phone

Why turn off the GPS on your Android phone?

One of the reasons mentioned above is that the apps installed on your phone know the places you frequently visit. Facebook, Google and even Instagram know your steps.

Active GPS consumes your phone’s power, even though it is running at the background.

It is only recommended to activate your GPS in certain situations, p. B. if you think you are in danger and decide to share your location with someone.

Some data collection software apps make use your device GPS to gather geo-information like location, landmark images during field research.

Always check which applications request GPS. To know these details, you should be aware of the permissions they ask for before installing them.

How to Know Applications that Use Your GPS

Some people ask: which apps use my GPS?

How can I stop a particular app from using my GPS?

To know the apps that make use of your GPS, and to stop such apps from using your GPS:

Go to your phone’s settings

Then go to Applications

Click on the page that says “Permissions Manager”.

Look for the “Location” option.

After that you will see all the apps that use your location or even your GPS information.

You can manually turn anyone off.

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Google Map and How It Works

Google Maps, a GPS without the need for internet connection

Well, Google Maps is one of the best applications to discover places and explore like a local. Guess what? With Google Maps, you can easily navigate your world faster.

Right now, Google Maps covers 220 countries and territories. Not only that, but Google Maps also covers hundreds of millions of businesses and places on the map.

What are Google Maps used for?

Google Maps is designed to help anyone locate themselves, no matter what city or place they are. In addition, it allows you to see and scroll through the maps in real time to know how to get anywhere, as well as what means of transport allow you to get there earlier and which route to follow or take.

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