Top 10 Data Collection Software Tools Free Download (Apps, Web, Cloud)

What is Data Collection Software?

It is program or suits of computer program used in gathering and storage of data using electronic device.

Offline Data Capturing

There are many data collection software, but not all allow users to capture data without internet connections. Data collection apps have the capabilities to empower researchers to capture data while offline. Data collection apps are mobile applications that enables capturing of data on smartphones, iPad and tablet devices. With these mobile data collection apps, researchers can create offline forms to collect data and store same on their devices on the field where there may not be internet connectivity especially in the remote areas, then upload the data form when internet connection is restored. Here we have list the top offline data collection apps that can help you on your next research data collection and analysis.

Data Gathering Software

The following are top data collection software. Some of them are Mobile apps that work offline, while some are web or cloud based data capturing software.

1 Magpi

Alt: = "Magpi Data collection App"

Magpi is a mobile app that can be used to create mobile forms for data collection. It used data capturing for agricultural research. It can also be used for health, environmental and industry sectors surveys. Some of its functions include mobile survey, photo and GPS stamping. Magpi is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It is easy to use, starting from downloading app to setting up of account, create in a form, you can start collecting data straightaway.

2 Open Data  Kit

ODK Collect is an open-source software app for collection, management data in a resource-constrained environment. It is a replacement to paper form for field data collection. With ODK you can collect data both while with internet connection and offline, and the data collected while offline updates automatically once connected to the internet. It is an easy-to-you open-source tool that allows multiple types of data types (text, numerals, pictures, videos, audio, geo-location, and barcodes).

Open Data Kit supports multiple languages for easy and wide usage. It has mobile, destop and server devices versions, and allows for customasation to suit survey needs. The Javascript customization allows for a very flexible suite with further features longitudinal data entry, bi-directional synchronization, and data management.

Program support: Android, Desktop, Web

Features: Study builder, offline forms, community

Price: Free, Open-source

3 TeamScope

Teamscope is a secure, easy-to use offline data collection software, designed for sensitive data, especially clinical research. It has both Android and iOs survey app that functions offline, allowing researchers to create powerful mobile forms to collect data offline.

To make sure data are well secured, passcode are required to unlock the app and data are stored encrypted on the devices. All sessions opened sessions of the app time out after 30 seconds of inactivity or once the app is closed, and the users will have to unlock the app or the session by reentering their Teamscope passcode.

Teamscope case management feature can be used when carrying out longitudinal research. The functionality of the case management feature allows the users to create cases forindividual subjects, share them with other users in their project, and upload data for their cases in multiple times.

Program support: Android, iSO and Web

Features: Cross-platform (iPad, iPhone and Android(, mobile surveys, Study builder, case management, data visualisation

Price: Starting from 169Euro per months when paying yearly.

Has 7 days free trial

Does not have free version

Responsive customer support.

4 KoboToolbox

Developed by Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, KoBoCollect is a free, open-source software for mobile data collection. KoBoToolbox works both on the web browser as well as offline. The KoBoToolbox Android app known as KoboCollect supports data entry on Android phones and tablets offline. The KoboCollect can be downloaded from apps store. While the KOBoToolbox software can be intall on computer server with two servers that allow free useage. You can use KoBoToolbox web app forcollecton, visualization, analysis, sharing and download of your research data, or install the KoboToolbox instance on your local PC or server. Download at

KobBoToolbox is a tool adopted by most humanitarian organisations sich as United Nations Childrens Funds (Unicef), International Rescue Committee (IRC) etc.

Features: Study builder, open source, offline forms, community

Program support: Web and Android

Price: Available for free, open source

5 REDcap

Developed in 2004 at Vanderbilt University, REDcap is a secure data capturing software for building case report forms electronically and for database management. It was developed academic biomedical researchers, students, as it meets the HIPAA and ICH-GCP compliance standards. It is an easy-to-use software as researchers without any computer programming knowledge and easily manage their databases. Before the development of REDcap, most data gathering solutions were specifically designed for large clinical trial data collection, and they were too expensive.

REDcap has cloud-based smartphone version. The smartphone version has both iOSand Android apps, which enables data capturing in remote areas with low or no internet, or when one is offline.

REDcap consortium offers free software licensing to non-profit orgnisations (NGOs), which allow them (NGOs) to stall and manage the software on their own IT infrastructure.

REDcap is currently used in well over 130 countries and still counting.

Features: Longitudinal data collection, offline forms, randomization and no-premise hosting

Price: Free for nonprofits; for profit use, contact

Program support: iOS, Android, Web

6 Jotforms Mobile

Jotforms is a comprehensive online form builder with mobile data capturing app. The mobile data capturing app known as Jotforms Mobile has features that enable users to collect data in different forms, such as text, numerals, audio recordings, geo-locations, barcodes and electronic signatures, and then organsie and present data in one place. It also grants access for viewing, editing and sharing of the data.

The mobile data recording app functions offline on iOS and Android devices and uses push notifications to notify the user of new data entry from respondents or changes in data. It also allows enumerators to download or share PDF copies of submitted forms.

Jotforms also enables group work and collaboration among group team members. Jotforms works offline or with limited internet coverage.

Jotforms has a feature calle Kiosk Mode, which helps to increase data security and makes easy and convenient to collect data in public spaces. It does this by turning your device into a fixed survey while the mode and give the respondents access to only a single form, blocking them from accessing other submissions and forms.

Program support: iOS and Android

Features: Mobile form builder, Offline data capturing, Kiosk Mode.

Price: Free basic version, paid pro and enterprise plans.

7 Forms On Fire

8 CommCare

9 Survey CTO


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