How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Files (Messages, Photo, Video)


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How to recover a deleted WhatsApp Messages, Videos, Photos on Android Phone

More often than not, we delete files received from WhatsApp to free some space on our Android devices storage memories, as we receive tons of phots and videos on daily basis. Leaving all the files could prevent further installation of any other apps that we would need later. That’s why we have no other choice than to delete some of the files either all at once or in tranches. Some times we later realise we have mistakenly deleted some important photos or videos or we intentionally deleted them thinking we wouldn’t needing until the need for them arises, but we don’t know how to recover them.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry, I this article we will walk you through how to recover the files.

There are three ways by which you can recover your pictures and videos back to your mobile phone. Following the practical guide o this article, you will be able to get back your photo or video that was on a WhatsApp chat that you unintentionally deleted.

Before you get down to how you can recover your deleted WhatsApp files on Android phone, let’s first all understand what WhatsApp is.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatApp is an infant messaging application for Android and iOS mobile phones. Owned by Meta, it’s the most popular instant messaging Apps and social media application with the largest user base of about 1.6 billion. It is used for sending multimedia messages between users, where users identity themselves and connect with one another with their phone numbers.

Once you add a person’s number to your contact list, you automatically have the option to chat with them. To chat, it is essential that both the sender and the recipient have this application installed on their mobile device.

Ways to Retrieve a Mistakenly Deleted WhatsApp File on an Android Phone

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Method 1

If you have cleared the chat where you received the files, first check your phone gallery and albums. Locate the folder named WhatsApp, there will be all the images received.

Method 2

If the deleted files (videos and photos) were not found in your phone gallery, check the internal files of the smartphone. To do this, use Files by Google and look for the WhatsApp folder in the Explore tab.

Method 3

Third method is by restoring Backup of your WhatsApp on your phone, if you activated Backup option of WhatsApp. To do this , go  “Settings”, then “Chat” and finally “Backup”. Your deleted files will be restored, if you make a daily backup to find the photo or video you want to recover.

If you have not been backing up your WhatsApp files before now, you can see reason to begin to activate Backup your WhatsApp on your Android phone.

By following these steps you will be able to prevent the app from accessing your image gallery.

There you have it.

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