How to Hide You are "Typing" Message on WhatsApp Chat


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How to Disable "Typing" on WhatsApp Chat

Many people like to maintain privacy on the internet especially on social media. WhatsApp is that social media platform that offers you features that will allow you maintain complete privacy. I am sure you are aware you can hide “last online.” So here we are going to show you how to equal hide “typing” when you are chatting on WhatsApp with someone or a group.

WhatsApp boasts of billions of users where hundreds of million people use it daily to chat with friends, family, customers, colleagues etc. Many of these users wish and ask if they can hide “typing” on their chats.

If you are one of the people who are looking for ways to disappear typing on your WhatsApp chat, we have solution for you as Meta has added new features in its instant messaging app that will interest you, including how to recover deleted messages, Videos and Photos.

WhatsApp offers option to disable this feature because using third-party app on WhatsApp could lead to Meta blocking your account.

This method of disabling message “typing” works in both Android phone and iPhone.

What is WhatsApp?

WhatApp is an instant messaging application for Android and iOS mobile phones. Owned by Meta, it’s the most popular instant messaging Apps and social media application with the largest user base of about 1.6 as at 2021. It is used for sending multimedia messages between users, where users identity themselves and connect with one another with their phone numbers.

Once you add a person’s number to your contact list, you automatically have the option to chat with them. To chat, it is essential that both the sender and the recipient have this application installed on their mobile device.

Trick to not Show Typing on WhatsApp

There is one simple trick to not show message typing on WhatsApp. This trick is safest, most legal means of disabling "typing" on WhatsApp chat because using third-party app like Flychat could endanger your account.

So how does this trick work?

To hide typing so that your contact won’t know when you are typing, turn off your device data or WiFi, type your message, send the message, then turn on your internet connection for the message to deliver to your contact. With this he/she won’t know when you are typing. 

Another way is to type your message in a notepad, past on WhatsApp text composer and send.

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