How To Apply For 300,000 National Social Housing Scheme


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Federal Government of Nigeria through the Federal Housing Authority has opened a portal for applications for 300,000 National Social Housing Scheme. Interested individuals and groups are asked to log on to to express their interests. 

National Social Housing Program is the housing component of the Buhari’s led Federal government Economic Development and Sustainability Plan which is targeted at providing millions of affordable decent homes and jobs to Nigerians.

What You Need To Know 

  • The housing scheme is for low income earners. 
  • Even the unemployed can apply.  
  • It's a mortgage (rent to own) 
  • Individuals, cooperatives and groups can apply 
  • Applying does not guarantee that you will be chosen. Your application is just expression of interest.
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Home Options 

There are three home options with different costs. The prices are determined by location, number of rooms, type of finishing the applicants want. 

1. 2 Rooms (1 bedroom)  house for minimum  of N2 million 

2. 3 rooms ( 2 bedrooms) house for minimum of N2.75 million 

3. 4 rooms ( 3 bedrooms) house for minimum of N3.5 million 

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You must be a Nigerian citizen

You must be 18+

You must have National Identity Number, NIN

There are three stages to benefit from the housing scheme 

Stage 1: Expression of Interest/ Assessment 

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Choose a category 

There are two categories: individuals, cooperatives/groups. Choose the category you want to  apply and fill out the form. Then click on submit. 

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You will receive a confirmation email. 

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Stage 2: Qualify

Your data will be processed to see if you are qualified to benefit from the program. 

Stage 3: Own a house

Once your information is processed and you’re qualified, you will be contacted to choose and own a house. The most qualified will be chosen in a transparent process. 

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