List of Statistical Analysis Software and Their Uses

Statistical analysis software refers to computer programs designed to analyze statistical data. These tools enable users to perform a wide range of statistical tests, generate descriptive statistics, visualize data, and interpret results. 

Importance of Statistical Analysis Software

The recent widespread use of computer has had a tremendous impact on statistical research data analysis. Computer has reduced the  need for laborious hand calculations. Computer can perform more calculations faster — and far more accurately — than humans. Through the efficient use of computers, statisticians can now devote more time to improving the quality of raw data and interpreting the results.

Statistical analysis software tools are important in the following areas:

Data Interpretation

It helps in interpreting large datasets by summarizing them into meaningful insights through statistical tests and visualization techniques.

Decision Making

Statistical analysis software aids in making data-driven decisions by providing reliable and accurate information about trends, patterns, and relationships within the data.
Hypothesis Testing
It allows researchers to test hypotheses and theories by analyzing data and determining the likelihood of observed results occurring by chance.

Forecasting and Prediction

By applying various statistical models, these tools can forecast future trends and make predictions based on historical data, helping businesses anticipate market changes and make proactive decisions.

Quality Control

Statistical analysis software is vital for quality control processes in manufacturing and other industries, helping to monitor and improve product quality by analyzing and interpreting data from production processes.
Research and Development
It supports research and development efforts by providing tools to analyze experimental data, evaluate outcomes, and draw conclusions based on statistical evidence.

Risk Management

Businesses use statistical analysis software to assess and mitigate risks by analyzing historical data and identifying potential risk factors that may impact operations or investments.

Statistical Analysis Software
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There are numerous computer software packages out there for statistical analysis purposes. These software are different categories and are used in different statistical analysis techniques and procedures.

Statistical Software Categories: Open source, public domain, freeware, proprietary.

Here we have compiled computer software suites for statistical analysis:


Type: open source

Uses: a general statistical software with capabilities of data mining algorithms and methods for data management


Type: Open source

Uses:  a software used for non-linear statistical modeling based on C++ that uses automatic differentiation


Type: Open source

Uses:  a statistical software suite used for neurobiological time series data analysis


Type: Open source

Uses: a replacement for SAS. It serves same purpose with SAS

Environment for DeveLoping KDD-Applications Supported by Index-Structures (ELKI)

Type: Open source

Uses: a software suite for developing data mining algorithms in Java

Epi Info

Type: Open source 

Uses: Developed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Apache 2 licensed, Epi Info is a statistical software for epidemiology research analysis.


Type: Open source

Uses:  nonlinear regression analysis software (GUI and command line)

GNU Octave

Type: Open source

Uses: a programming language similar to MATLAB with statistical features


Type: Open source

Uses: statistical software for gnu regression, econometrics and time-series library

intrinsic Noise Analyzer (iNA)

Type: Open source

Uses: Statistical software for analysis of intrinsic fluctuations in biochemical systems


Type: Open source 

Uses: Statistical software alternative to IBM SPSS Statistics. Performs SPSS functions. Free to use


Type: Open source

Uses: A free statistical software alternative to IBM SPSS Statistics with additional option for Bayesian methods


Type: Proprietary

Uses: Computer program suite for statistical analysis. It's used mainly for Six-sigema, quality control, medicine, design of experiment, engineering etc. It works on Macintosh operating system as well as on Windows.


Type: Open source

Uses: Software used for econometric analysis, especially univariate and multivariate time series analysis

Just another Gibbs sampler (JAGS)

Type: Open source

Uses: Developed by Martyn Plummer, JAGS is a program used in analyzing Bayesian hierarchical models using Markov chain Monte Carlo. It is similar to WinBUGS


Type: Open source

Uses: a analytics software platform built with Java and Eclipse using modular data pipeline workflows


Type: Open source

Uses: an open source C++ support vector machine libraries


License: Proprietary

Uses: A statistical analysis software for biomedical sciences. MedCalc performs basic parametric and non-parametric statistical procedures and graphs such as descriptive statistics, ANOVA, multivariate statistics, Mann–Whitney test, Wilcoxon test, χ2 test, correlation, linear as well as non-linear regression, logistic regression. It’s used for survival analysis such as  Cox regression (Proportional hazards model) and Kaplan–Meier survival analysis.


License: Proprietary

Uses: Developed by Bahram Pesaram and M. Hashem Pesaram, Microfit is a statistical software designed for econometrics modeling, and time series analysis


Type: Proprietary

Uses: Minitab Statistical Software is used for different statistical data analysis starting from basic statistics to professional statistics. It has capablities of running decriptive statistics, regression, analysis of variance, analysis of covariance, time series analysis, etc. It is used in predictive mark trend analysis, experimental and medical research data analysis. It uses graphic user interface that makes it easy to be used by even novice


Type: Open source

Uses: an open-source library for machine learning, leverages C++ language features to provide maximum performance and flexibility while providing a simple and consistent application programming interface (API)


Type: Open source

Use: Statistical data analysis software which uses interactive statistical graphics with a link to R

Neurophysiological Biomarker Toolbox

Type: Open source

Uses: A Matlab toolbox used for data-mining of neurophysiological biomarkers


Type: Open source, web-based

Uses: A web-based, open-source, operating-independent series of programs which is used in epidemiology and statistics analysis based on JavaScript and HTML


Type: Open source

Uses: A software suite for structural equation modeling running in R programming language


Type: Open source

Uses: A software library written in the programming language C++ that implements neural networks, a main area of deep learning research


Type: Open source
Uses: Software for a data mining, machine learning, and bioinformatics


Types: Open source

Uses: A High-performance computing (HPC) data structures and data analysis tools for Python in Python and Cython (statsmodels, scikit-learn)


Type: Proprietary

Uses: PASS is a data analysis software by NCSS specifically designed for medical research data analysis in areas of the clinical trial, pharmaceutical research, biostatistical consulting, public health research, veterinary research, epidemiology, oncology, and more. PASS offers sample size calculations for Cluster-Randomized Designs, Cross-Over Designs, Group-Sequential Tests, Conditional Power, confidence Intervals, Non-Inferiority Tests, Mean Comparisons, Nonparametric Tests Equivalence, Normality Tests, Survival Analysis, Superiority Tests, Proportions Tests, Rates and Counts, Regression, and much more of other forms of medical sample data analysis. PASS ranks as one the top medical research data analysis software.

Perl Data Language

Type: Open source

Uses: For Scientific computing with Perl


Type: Open source

Uses: Statistical software tool for generating a variety of graphs from raw data


Type: Open source

Uses: Statistical software alternative to IBM SPSS Statistics


Type: Open source

Uses: a free implementation of the S (programming language) for general statistical analysis

SAS (software)

License: Proprietary

Uses: SAS  is comprehensive statistical package for data management, advance analytics, predictive analytics, business intelligence analytics, criminal investigation
SHAZAM (Econometrics and Statistics Software) – comprehensive econometrics and statistics package for estimating, simulating, forecasting and econometric modeling


License: Proprietary

Uses: Statistical package for group analysis


License: Proprietary

Uses: Statistical tool for econometrics analysis such as  multidimensional (multi-sectoral, multi-regional) modeling

SPSS Modeler

Type: proprietary

Uses: data mining and text analytics software application development by IBM. Used in building predictive models and conduct other analytic work It has a visual interface which allows users to leverage statistical and data mining algorithms without programming

SPSS Statistics

Type: Proprietary

Uses: developed by IBM, SPSS Statistics is comprehensive general statistical analysis software package especially for  data management, advanced analytics, analysis of variance, multivariate analysis, business intelligence analytics, medical research data analysis, criminal investigation, etc


Type: Proprietary

Uses: Developed by StataCrop, Stata is a comprehensive general-purpose statistical software suite for data manipulation, visualization, statistics, and automated reporting. It is used by researchers in various fields, such as  biomedicine, economics, epidemiology, and sociology, academics

Tora Optimization Window

Type: Proprietary

Uses: Developed by Hamdi Taha, Tora is is statistical analysis software basically for Operations Research (OR) analysis. Tora  software offers modules for matrix inversion, solution of simultaneous linear equations, linear programming, transportation models, network models, project planning with CPM and PERT,  queuing analysis, and game theory. 


Type: Proprietary

Uses: Developed by Pearson Education, StatCrunch is an online statistical software application originally designed for college statistics courses but now has full features for general statistical analysis software, and be used for different research data analysis.


Type: Proprietary
Uses: a general statistics package


Type: Proprietary

Uses: An advanced analytics software package with comprehensive features for data management, data mining, data analysis, statistics, machine learning, text analytics and data visualization procedure

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