Top 10 Retirement Planners in South Africa

Most people in South Africa find themselves in financial insecure situation once they retire. This is because more often than not, they do not plan their retirement ahead of time. They often realize that they cannot afford to retire financially independent when it is too late. 

Retirement financial planning involves determining retirement income goals and learning about and choosing strategies that will enable you achieve the goals to secure your retirement years. Retirement financial planning includes identifying income sources, reducing expenses, implementing a savings and investment programs, and managing assets and risk. Estimating the expected future cash flows will help you weigh if the retirement income goal is possible.

You have to  factor in your retirement plans in into your personal financial planning as early as possible. That’s the best way to ensure a safe, secure and good retirement.

In planning for retirement, you need to consider your required income at retirement in relation to your existing provision in order to determine any additional amounts that you must save in order to achieve your objectives.

Researches by insurers in South Africa have shown that less than 6% of people can retire financially independent. If you’re still within your economic active age, it is never too late for you to start saving and investing for retirement. The earlier you start, the better.

Good retirement planning creates the great dichotomy in society, separating the "haves" from the "have-nots".

Your retirement plan will most probably be the largest investment you will ever make.

Best Retirement Planning Companies in South Africa

  • BWM
  • PWG Financial Planner
  • Ascor
  • Sable International
  • Ultima Financial Planners


Brenthurst Wealth Management ranked as South Africa's LEADING BOUTIQUE WEALTH MANAGER for six consecutive years in the Intellidex Private Bank & Wealth Manager award. It’s  also WINNER 2020 & 2017, TOP 3 2022 & 2021, RUNNER-UP 2018 and TOP4 2019.

BWM has a team of professional planners who have good knowledge of ever-changing global market conditions.

Services offered by Brenthurst Wealth Management include:

Investment Planning

Retirement planning

Offshore investment

Tax Planning

Estate planning

Risk planning

PWG Financial Planner

PWG Group provides full suite of financial services in South Africa through it three different businesses: PWG Advisory Services, PWG Short Term Advisors and PWG Fiduciary Services.

PWG Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd offers Investment, Asset Management, Life Insurance, Medical Aids and Business Insurance.

PWG Short Term Advisors (Pty)Ltd offers advisory services on all Commercial and Personal Lines Short Term Insurance Products.

PWG Financial Planner assists its clients in designing a Retirement Product according to their unique risk profile and for the run-up to Retirement as well as duration of their Post Retirement Financial Planning.

Advisory services offered by PWG Financial Planners include:

Financial & estate planning

Investment planning

Retirement planning

Employees benefits

Life insurance

Disability assurance

Business solutions & insurance

Funeral cover


Ascor offers retirement planning services in South Africa.

Ascor can help you make your retirement your retirement enjoyable.

Ascor retirement planning services include:

Helping you establishing and articulating your retirement goals

Calculate and assess how much you need to save to actualize your goals
Draft a retirement plan with details of the process to reach your financial independence

Manage your retirement investment portfolio to improve growth with minimum investment risks

Plan your tax so as to minimize your tax, utilize tax allowances to save and invest for retirement, by having SARS subsidize a portion of retirement contributions

Monitor your progress towards your retirement goals

Draft a monthly income and expense budget
Structure the withdrawal from your retirement funds to avoid paying unnecessary taxes

Retain current pension and provident savings when you transfer employment

Full Services Offered by Ascor

Retirement planning

Financial planning

Estate planning

Investment planning

Life insurance

Medical aid



Sable International

Sable International is a cross-border wealth planning and financial advisory services firm serving the needs of globally mobile clients.

The firm’s wealth division provides offshore investment advisory services, wealth planning, insurance advice, mortgages and pensions to clients with an international element to their circumstances in South Africa, UK, Australia.

Financial Advice for South African Residents

It offers a range of financial planning and advisory services designed specifically to meet the needs of South African residents. Sable International team of professional in SA can assist you with wealth management from offshore investment advice to mortgages on UK properties. With its offices in South Africa, the UK and Australia, it’s team of experts can assist you with your cross-border financial planning needs to secure your retirement.

Services to South Africans

Cross-border financial planning

Retirement annuities and local investments

Investing abroad

Trustees advice

UK mortgage

RSAs & Investment opportunities

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