Best 5 Free Financial Planning Apps in USA

Are you looking for some first-hand experience and want to look after your finances personally? There are quite good number of mobile applications readily available that can enable to achieve that. These mobile apps provide quick and smart solutions to collect all your financial information in a place, making your financial planning and management easy and almost paperless.

Amongst these mobile applications in the market, there are many of them that are free to use.

We have compiled and reviewed best 4 of these free financial planning apps.

Best Financial Planning Apps

  • Level money
  • Mint
  • GnuCash
  • Pear budget
  • Money Manager

Level Money (Financial Planning App)

Level money is a powerful financial planning app. As the name suggests, it levels the amount of money one can spend in a day, week, or month. The financial planning app automatically picks data from your smartphone and keeps sending reminder notification regarding the amount left to spend, thereby leveling up the savings and expenses rate. It also keeps track and gives you a insight to your spending habits based on the information it received

Mint (Money Management App)

Mint is one of the best mobile financial planning apps that automatically enables you track your money anytime from anywhere. Once you input your basic information, Mint update the information by providing you with vital information from time to time.

Pear Budget (Expense Tracking App)

Pear Budget is a financial planning app. As the number implies, Pear budget helps you budget your expenses. It uses spreadsheet format wherein you have to manually enter the information. It has certain basic expense categories on default, which user may alter later to suit one’s personal finance plans. Unlike other financial planning app, Pear Budget automated but it serves the purpose, especially for first-timers.

GnuCash (Financial Planning App)

GnuCash is a financial planning app. It's Linux-based system that works on double-entry bookkeeping. It is a business accounting tool, and can also be used for personal financial and accounting needs. For your personal finance, GnuCash helps you track your expenses and savings as well as with bank and investment accounts.

In addition some bank websites provide mobile applications wherein customers can enter data about accounts, loans, investments, insurance, etc. They help you keep track of your income and expenses and provide information about their new products from time to time, which can help you in your financial management.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital offers free financial software for cash flow, spending, budgeting and net worth. It as well offer tools for you to track your investments and plan for retirement. Personal Capital focuses on investments, giving you insights on the performance of your portfolio over time and enable you make decisions for the future

Its budgeting components are not as comprehensive as other software.

If you're not an investor or prefer fine-tuning your budget to getting the broad view, Personal Capital may not be suitable for you. But if you want to save for education or retirement, its free tools will show you whether you're on track.

Ikechukwu Evegbu

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