Jobs You can Do in Canada without Work Permit


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Ordinarily, you need a work permit before you can be offered job and/ or be permitted to work in Canada. Nevertheless, there are some jobs with exemption — jobs you can do in Canada without having a work permit.

Many perish the idea of moving to Canada or seeking for job while already Canada because they do not have work permit. In this article we will reveal to a compilation of some jobs you can do in Canada with or without having work permit.

List Works You can in Canada without Having Work Permit

  • Emergency Services Provider
  • News Reporter
  • Soldier
  • Athlete/Coach
  • Clergy
  • Examiner/Evaluators
  • Performing Artistes
  • Convention Organiser  

Emergency Services Provider

It is not compulsory for emergency  Services workers get a work permit before being allowed to work in Canada.

But then, such emergency Services worker must be invited by either Canadian government or UN mission.

News Reporter

Are you a journalist sent by a reputable media house in your country of residence to report latest events in Canada? You won’t require to obtain a work permit before being permitted to carry out your assignment.


Soldiers from other countries coming to work as a defense force for Canada does not need to have work permit to work in Canada.

And once you admitted into Canadian military, your family will be given the privilege to move into Canada without you.


Athletes sent to Canada for competition do not need a work permit to do their job their.

However, you need to present a proof that you are an athlete or coach to be permitted to work in Canada


If you’re a pastor, reverend father, evangelist, imam or hold any religious title, you will be permitted to do your missionary work in Canada without necessarily having a work permit.


If you’re coming to Canada to work as an examiner or evaluator, you will be permitted to work without issuing work permit to you.

To work and as examiner or academic evaluator is usually by invitation. Professors may be invited to supervise professional exams in Canada. Such visiting examiner does not require work permit to perform his job. In same manner, as an evaluator, either academic or professional, you may not need to obtain work permit before you would be allowed to carry out your assignment in Canada.

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