Can OPay Receive Dollar? How to Open OPay Dollar Account

Yes, you can use OPay account to receive dollar and other foreign currencies in Nigeria.

Many Nigerians are leveraging the technological ecosystem to make money online by the day, but some of them face the challenges in receiving their earnings which are made in foreign currencies especially the US dollar. This difficulty poses as one of the discouraging factors preventing more Nigerians from engaging in online jobs. Also, Nigerians who live abroad find it difficult to send money to their family and friends here in Nigeria especially when the moneys are little amounts. Most of the online platforms where Nigerians make money send payments via digital apps and wallets. Unfortunately, Nigeria is blacklisted on some of the platforms like PayPal, Skrill — Nigerians can’t receive fund through the platforms.

As Nigerians are in search of easy way to repatriate money home, some are asking if OPay account can be used to receive dollar.


OPay is one of the leading mobile money operators (MMO) and financial technology platforms in Nigeria.

Launched in August 2018, Opay offers mobile payment service with focus on reaching the majority of the unbanked population in Nigeria.

OPay also offers an exciting opportunity for customers to save and invest their money in its FlexiFixed service, which offers up to 12% returns per annum.

International Money Transfer on OPay

OPay also offers exciting opportunity for its users to use the platform for international money transfers.

In September 2020, Opay entered into partnership with a renounced global digital payment company, WorldRemit to provide international money transfers directly into OPay digital wallets in Nigeria.

Countries You can Receive Money from on OPay

With the partnership between OPay and WorldRemit, Nigerians can easily and more affordably receive money from over 50 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and many other European, American and African countries directly into their mobile phones.

How to Receive Foreign Currencies on OPay

WorldRemit international money transfer service is immediately available to all OPay customers who have completed KYC 2 level and above. 

To start using OPay to receive dollar and other foreign currencies, download the Opay app from the Google Playstore or iOS store for Android and iphone respectively, upgrade to KYC level 2 to instantly get access the service.

How to Open OPay Dollar Account

OPay primarily has naira account. However, you can still carry out dollar transactions using your OPay account. Therefore, once you open an account on Opay, you have opened both Naira and dollar accounts, although, your funds will be denominated in Naira. Anytime you carry out dollar transactions ( sending and receiving money) they will be converted using the prevailing foreign exchange market rates. For instance, if you receive dollar transfer, it will be converted to naira and your account credited in naira. If your make dollar transfer, the equivalent of the dollar amount in naira will be deducted from your account.

To facilitate cross border sending and receiving money, and foreign currency transactions, OPay is partnering with WorldRemit to make it possible. With WorldRemit, you can send and receive mobile money to and from Nigeria.


WorldRemit is a digital international payments and cross border Remittance processing company. With WorldRemit you can conveniently and securely send and receive mobile money anywhere in the world.

Receive Mobile Money from Abroad in Nigeria

If you have friends and family in abroad that wants to send your mobile money through WorldRemit, you can receive in your OPay mobile money account. 

Here are the steps to receive money from abroad into your Opay account.

First open an account on Opay (if your don’t already have one). You can download the Opay app or sign up on the web using your mobile number and email. Verify your identity for KYC to levels 2 or 3. Link your Bank Verification Number (BVN).

Send your Opay account number which is your mobile number including your full name, and Nigerian city you live in to the  sender abroad. The person must have WorldRemit account (he can create one if he doesn’t already have one).

Once the money is sent, you will receive alert instantly.

How to Withdraw Dollar from OPay Account

Once dollar or any other currency is sent to your via WorldRemit, your OPay account with be credited with naira equivalent of the dollar or any other foreign currency sent to you.

There are two options to withdraw from OPay account.

1. Get OPay ATM card from any OPay agent near you. Use the OPay ATM to withdraw money from any ATM machines or POS operators.

2. Transfer money from your OPay account to other account (both bank accounts and mobile money wallets).

Send Mobile Money Abroad from Nigeria

Opay allows you to send money to anyone anywhere through their mobile number or email for free.

To send money, ensure to have completed KYC 3, and you have fund in your OPay account.

Select send money

Fill transaction full by entering the recipient’s mobile number or email (if the person is using WorldRemit, enter the person’s WorldRemit account email or mobile number), and the amount you want to send.

Confirm the details of your recipient and hit Send to complete the transaction.
Your recipient will receive alert instantly via email or mobile number.

Send Mobile Money to Nigeria

If you’re abroad and you want to send mobile money to your friends and family in Nigeria, and they have Opay mobile money account, you can send them money to their OPay accounts in minutes via WorldRemit. WorldRemit is fast, secure and has low charges.

Here is how to send mobile money to Nigeria
Create a WorldRemit account (if you don’t have one already) You can sign up with your email address and choose a strong password on their app or on website to register.

Start using our mobile money service

To send money, select Nigeria, and choose mobile money as your payout method.

Enter the recipient’s details, which include their first and last name, city and Paga mobile money account number.

Select send amount and enter the amount you want to send.

Confirm the details and click Pay

The receiver will get instant alert. 

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