Top Palm Oil Producing Companies in Nigeria

Oil palm is a one of the important food items and is in high demand both locally and at the international markets. Apart from being a food item, oil palm is a very important ingredient cosmetics and other fast moving consumer goods.

Nigeria used to be the highest oil palm producer in the world until Malaysia  and some other African countries like Togo over took as Nigeria drifted its  attention from agriculture to focus only on crude oil production. Higher percentage of palm oil production in Nigeria is done by peasant farmers in the rural areas.

According to Statista, palm oil production in Nigeria reached 1.4 million metric tons in 2021, from 1.3 metric tons recorded in 2020. From 2009 to 2023, the production quantity generally increased, recording the highest growth in 2010, when it grew by roughly 14 percent. From 2014 to date the production output of palm oil  has continued to follow an upward trend.

Despite little to no attention given to palm oil production, and agriculture at large by Nigerian governments at all levels, there are private enterprises that are doing well in oil palm production in Nigeria

Here we have compiled the top palm oil producing companies in Nigeria

Okomu Oil Palm Company PLC

Okomu Oil Palm Company PLC is an leading oil palm company. It was established in 1976 in Edo State, by the Federal Government of Nigeria and it later became a public limited liability company in 1990.  Okomu Oil Palm has about 19,961 hectares of palm trees plantation, with over 51,091 tons of palm oil production. As of the agribusiness enterprises listed at the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NXG), Okomu Oil Palm share price is N240.00 as of 21 November 2023, a testament of efficient management of the company

The Company manages its plantation in a transparent and sustainable manner which ensures the ongoing performance of its activities and operations.

Business operations of Okomu in tropical agriculture include development of palm oil and rubber plantations, Palm oil milling, palm kernel processing, and sale of wet cup lumps.

The Company adopts transparent sustainable approach in it operations and  implements key initiatives that ensure long-term economic performance, social welfare, health, security, and natural resource management, resulting in a positive impact on the economy.


Presco is an integrated agribusiness company with oil palm plantations, palm oil mill, palm kernel crushing plant and vegetable oil refining and fractionation plant. 

Presco specialises in the cultivation of oil palm and in the extraction, refining and fractionation of crude palm oil into finished products, making it largest in West Africa

The company also has an olein and stearin packaging plant and a biogas plant to treat its palm oil mill effluent.

Presco shares are traded at the Nigeria Stock Exchange.

Pantaleon Axis Ltd

Pantaleon Axis Ltd is one of the  best Palm Oil Companies in Nigeria. The company produces high-quality palm oil, mixing conventional practices with cutting-edge technology.

Pantaleon Axis has large plantations  located in Tade Ope village, off Ajia Road Amuloko, Ibadan, Oyo 

illed employees are key to its success. Pantaleon Axis Ltd is dedicated deploys high skilled workforce, latest technology and production methods to produce palm oil that meets the need of both domestic and foreign markets.

EKOOL Nigeria Limited

EKOOL Nigeria Limited is one of the top palm oil companies in Nigeria which had distinguished itself through its dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

Located in Gwarinpa District in FCT,  EKOOL Nigeria Limited sources its palm oil from plantations that are properly tended. The company’s cutting-edge processing equipment and procedures ensure that its products meets highest level of international standards.

The company is committed to adopting environmentally friendly methods to mitigate any negative environmental impact. It engages in social  projects focused on enhancing living conditions of its host community.

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