Top 10 Leading Robotics Startups in Nigeria


Robotics startups are companies that engage in developing and commercializing innovative robotic technologies, products, and services. These startups typically emerge from a combination of technological advancements, entrepreneurial spirit, and market demand for automation and intelligent systems. Robotics startups can cover a wide range of applications, from industrial automation and manufacturing to healthcare, agriculture, logistics, consumer electronics, and more. They often leverage cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and sensor integration to create robots that can perform tasks autonomously or assist humans in various domains.

Benefits of Robotics Startups

Robotics startup companies play important roles in the economy in so many ways.

Innovation and Technological Advancement

Robotics startups are at the forefront of technological innovation. They drive advancements in robotics hardware, software, and algorithms, pushing the boundaries of what robots can do. This technological progress not only benefits the startup itself but also has ripple effects across other industries that can adopt and adapt these innovations.

Job Creation

While there are concerns about automation replacing jobs, robotics startups can also create new job opportunities. These range from high-skilled positions in engineering, software development, and research to roles in sales, marketing, and customer support. Additionally, as the robotics industry grows, there's an increased need for skilled technicians and maintenance professionals.

Economic Growth

Robotics startups contribute to economic growth by fostering a culture of innovation, attracting investment, and generating revenue. As startups scale up, they often create a positive economic impact through increased spending on supplies, services, and infrastructure. Successful startups can eventually become industry leaders, driving further growth and attracting even more investment.

Increased Productivity

One of the primary drivers behind the adoption of robotics is increased productivity. Robotics startups develop robots that can perform repetitive, labor-intensive tasks with precision and efficiency. This can lead to higher output, reduced operational costs, and improved overall efficiency for businesses across different sectors.

Global Competitiveness

Countries with a strong robotics startup ecosystem can enhance their global competitiveness. By nurturing innovative companies in this field, a country can position itself as a leader in robotics technology and export these technologies to international markets.

Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Robotics startups often collaborate with academic institutions, research organizations, and established companies. This fosters cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange and can lead to breakthroughs that impact multiple industries. Such collaborations can also help accelerate the development and commercialization of new technologies.

Solving Complex Challenges

Robotics startups have the potential to address complex societal challenges. For example, in the healthcare sector, robots can assist with surgeries or provide care to the elderly. In agriculture, robots can optimize planting and harvesting processes, leading to more sustainable and efficient food production.

Environmental Impact

Robotics startups can contribute to sustainability efforts by developing robots that reduce resource consumption and waste in various industries. For instance, robotic automation can lead to more precise manufacturing processes, reducing material waste.

Investment and Venture Capital

Robotics startups attract investment from venture capital firms, angel investors, and corporate investors. This influx of capital helps these startups to grow, develop their products, and bring their innovations to market. In turn, investors have the potential to reap significant returns if the startup succeeds.

Robotics startups play a crucial role in driving technological progress, economic growth, job creation, and innovation. Their impact goes beyond the robotics industry, influencing a wide range of sectors and addressing complex challenges across society. As automation and intelligent systems become increasingly integral to modern economies, the role of robotics startups is likely to become even more significant.

Here we have compiled list of top startup companies in Nigeria that are making great impacts in robotics innovations.

Top 10 Robotics Startups in Nigeria

Phoenix Robots

Verigo Logistics

WireTooth Technologies

Lulu-Bird Technologies Limited

Anatomie Manufacturing

Rosenics DevPoint


Sterling Virtual Offices


Phoenix Robots

Phoenix Robots deals with the production and sales of robotic system

The startup is a local manufacturing and assembling point for different types of automated systems and robots designed to. meet the individual needs of our customers. We also service production units of various industries to ensure efficiency. This startup is an idea to make the country and the continent more technologically advanced. Since the global technology trend is Automation and Robotics; the idea is focused on building robots (military, domestic, and industrial) for companies inside and

Ibadan, Nigeria

Founded 2019

Verigo Logistics

Verigo is a startup transportation-technology company in Nigeria

Nigeria’s growing e-commerce is projected to hit $25 billion by 2025 and logistics are key to unlocking the potential of the industry thus there is a need for robust logistics digital solutions to sustain the growth trajectory.

To this end, Verigo Logistics Ltd is established with a mission to disrupt the last mile same-day delivery system in the e-commerce business in Nigeria and across Africa.

With absolute traceability, the Verigo platform makes the entire pickup and delivery process transpa

Lagos, Nigeria

Founded 2020


We provide solutions using Disruptive technologies

We provide software and hardware solution that leverages Internet-of-Things(IoT) and Machine Learning to provide car-owners with affordable Car Security and diagnostics system which allows you to monitor your location and health state.

In other words, we bring your Car's dashboard to you through our mobile App no matter how near or far away you are from your car.

Apart from monitoring your vehicle’s location it also health status, and also detect faults through a mobile App or SMS and also giv..

Lagos, Nigeria

Founded 2019

Lulu-Bird Technologies Limited

Lulu-Bird Technologies Ltd. is a drone/UAV as a service company.

Lulu-Bird Technologies Ltd. is a drone/UAV as a service company. We use drones to capture professional photos, video, panoramas and map imagery. Below are details of our service application areas:

- Mapping & surveying with drones (2D maps & 3D models)

- Security (Search & rescue, oil & gas pipeline monitoring, boarder and coastal surveillance, anti-piracy & anti-terror).

- Asset inspection (replaces the risky, costly and time consuming traditional methods of infrastructure inspection (e.g erect

Lagos, Nigeria

Founded 2017

Anatomie manufacturing

Cinema and film Making equipment manufacturing

we produce motion control systems for film making and cinematography like pan/tilt camera heads, motorised sliders, timelapse controllers, dolly and camera crane. We also produce non-motorized equipment like camera base plate, shoulder rig, camera cages and gimbals.

Lagos, Nigeria

Founded 2014

Rosenics DevPoint

Development of intelligent technology solutions

At the moment we are building prototypes of our products. We focus on the development of security systems and protocols that could respond to domestic events like theft and burglary, to industrial events like fire etc. We design the systems and create prototypes, while we outsource for manufacturers that could to mass produce the model. We also offer consulting services in ICT and build EAS system for businesses and corporations.

Uyo, Nigeria

Founded 2017

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