Top Financial Advisors in the USA

Are you looking for outstanding financial advisers in the United States of America to help management your financial assets? Here we have provided you with top 10 financial fiduciary advisors in the USA. The review is based on publicly available information. The ranking is based on volume of assets managed by each financial advisory services firm.

Top Financial Assets Advisors in United States 

1 Captrust

Assets Managed: $655 billion

2 Fisher Investments

Assets Managed: $209 billion

Office Address: 5525 Northwest Fisher Creek Drive Camas, WA 98607

3 NFP Retirement Inc.

Assets Managed: $79 billion

4 Fort Washington Investment Advisors Inc

Assets Managed: $78 billion

Office Address: 303 Broadway
Suite 1200 Cincinnati, OH 45202

5 Mercer Global Advisors Inc.

Assets Managed: $34 billion

Office Address: 1200 17th Street
Suite 500 Denver, CO 80202


6 Moneta Group Investments Advisors LLC

Assets Managed: $33 billion

Office Address: 100 South Brentwood Boulevard St. Louis, MO 63105

7 Beacon Ponte Advisors LLC 

Assets Managed: $24 billion 

8 Summit Rock Advisors LP

Assets Managed: $22 billion

Office Address: 9 West 57th Street
12th Floor New York, NY 10019

9 Buckingham Strategic Wealth LLC

Assets Managed: $21 billion

Office Address: 8182 Maryland Avenue
Suite 500 St. Louis, MO 63105


10 Madison Investment Advisors LLC

Assets Managed: $19 billion

Office Address: 550 Science Drive
Madison, WI 53711


Disclaimer: This review does not in anyway mean endorsement of any of the firms by Business Compiler, and users of this information take responsibility for dealing with any of the firms.
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