How to Spy Your Children and Staff Computers without Them Knowing


Spy App: How to Spy Your Children and Employees Computers without Them Knowing

Spy App for PC & MAC

Do you want to know how to spy on someone’s computer without them knowing and without touching their computer? They could be your children, or your employees.
In this era where there are a lot of danger on the internet, and where many employees work from home, there is increasingly need to monitor the activities of your children on the internet, and activities of your employees especially during work hours.
You need the right tools to achieve that.

In this article we will reveal to you how you can monitor someone’s PC or laptop with touching their computers and without them knowing.

This trick work in both PC and Mac.

After reading this article,  you how to:
Spy on a computer without the users knowing

  • Track what someone is doing on the computer (track computer activity)
  • View another computer screen without them knowing
  • Monitor another computer without them knowing

We advise that you make sure you apply this trick legally. There specific reasons why you can monitor a computer someone else uses on the regular.

To track someone else activities on the computer, you need good spy software like FlexiSpy to do that.

Who Uses Computer Monitoring Software, and Why

Parents can you software to monitor their ward activities on the computer and to protect them from cyber dangers
Employers and business owners can use monitoring software to track how company-owned devices are used and how efficiently the employees work.

Why Spy on Someone’s Computer without them Knowing?

Remote Computer Monitoring is becoming more useful both at home and for work.
Parents now monitor their children’s online activities to protect them from online dangers.

While employers want to know exactly how company-owned devices are being used by remote workers and how it affects productivity.

Why should I Use Computer Monitoring Software to Track My Children Computer?

Parents Use to Computer Monitoring to Protect their Kids

As a parent, you’re legally responsible for your children, you have the authority to take any necessary measures to protect them from cyber threats.

As kids get older, it becomes more difficult for you as a parent to monitor their time spent online. That’s why may have to get involved in your kid’s internet activities by monitoring computer activity. This includes what they browse, who they communicate with, and what’s on or been on their screen.  
It not ideal for you to restrict their access to the internet – rather, the recommendation for you to keep an eye on their online activities from a safe distance. This is exactly where discreet monitoring software such as FlexiSPY for Computers is important.
I Trust my Children – is Parental Control too much?

You can’t trust you kids enough, and as kids they may intentionally expose themselves to cyber dangers.

FlexiSPY software is designed to allow for open communication Parental Control. We don’t encourage blocking objectionable material for children. Rather, you should focus on teaching kids safe and responsible online behavior, while monitoring their internet use to know when the cross the red lines.

Remote Computer Monitoring for Employers, Companies, and Businesses

The Rise of Remote Work & Computer Monitoring 

Remote work is on the increase hence, the need to reliably track computer activity for work-from-home purposes.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, businesses started adopting remote work for their staffers. This has created lacuna business owners and employers are able to ascertain how much actual work their employees do when working remotely. To solve this, many companies are making the most of computer monitoring software to keep an eye on work-from-home employees and boost productivity.

I Trust my Employees – Is There Need for Employee Monitoring?

A recent study by Wiley Online Library shows that – the more hours employees work from home, the less productive they become.

From the study, employees who worked full-time or 8-hour workdays from home were found to be 70% less productive than those who worked at the office.

Top-of-the-list computer monitoring apps like FlexiSPY offer real-time activity tracking – providing employers with useful insights for effective decision-making. Employers can set up scheduled or on-demand screenshots, track browser activity, key logs, e-mail monitoring, and several other useful features offered by FlexiSPY Computer Monitoring App.

With FlexiSPY, companies or employers have little or nothing to worry about privacy laws data monitoring as FlexiSPY for Computers would be installed on company-owned devices.

How can I Know the Best Computer Monitoring Software?

If you are looking to reliably track computer activity or view another computer screen without them knowing, then, you need to make sure you get the right computer monitoring software.

The ones that offer the most value are often the most expensive – doing your own research by comparing what features you’ll get at what price points can help ensure you’ll be getting your money’s worth.
Here are some of the main things you should be looking for:


We recommend you compare different monitoring software to find out which ones offer the most features for the best price. Not all software delivers on the promise to ‘spy on someone’s computer without them knowing’, despite their marketing.
We recommend you visit the product page to find out the features it’s offering.


Are you looking to monitor a PC or a Mac? Not all computer monitoring apps are compatible with both, while many that are compatible do not provide the same set of features on the two operating systems.

Find out if FlexiSPY for Computers is compatible with your target computer here.
Installation service

Of course, installing any software can be a daunting task for someone who doesn’t know their way around a computer.
That’s why FlexiSPY offers a Worry-Free Installation Service option for customers who prefer everything set up for them, for instance.

Software Reputation

When you buy computer monitoring software, you expect it to work as advertised. Unfortunately, not all monitoring apps can live up to the claims on their website or ads.

For this reason, be vigilant before confirming your payment and verify that the product will work as you need.

When it comes to computer monitoring, you could opt to pay less or to try something for free, such as installing a free keylogger. But how can you know for sure that the tool is not secretly siphoning and sending your data to a 3rd party? After all, it’s not uncommon for free apps to mine data without the user’s knowledge.

That’s why it’s best to stick with established, reputable companies that you know can be trusted with your money and data.

The Best Way to Spy on Someone’s Computer without them Knowing

Computer monitoring software is a great tool to have if you’re looking for a safety-first approach to parental control and employee monitoring.

Taking a proactive approach when it comes to monitoring your kids and employees means placing your budget where the dangers are most unknown – online and in cyberspace.

Using FlexiSPY for Computers, you can pinpoint all online threats, gather evidence, and focus on what you can do to improve online safety for your family or optimize employee productivity. 

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