Top Leading Tax Consultants in South Africa

What is Tax Planning?

Tax planning means a taxpayer making use of the tax law to pay the least amount of taxes possible. Tax planning involves the analysis of the taxpayer’s financial situation to ensure he pays the lowest tax. Tax planning involves keeping the taxpayer in a certain tax bracket so as to reduce the amount of taxes to be paid, which can be done by manipulating the timing of income, purchases, selecting retirement plans, and investing accordingly. Most times, it’s better to hire tax planners who are experts to handle your tax planning.

There are many tax planners in the United States, but we have selected and compiled the top 10 leading tax planning firms. 

What is a Tax Consultant?

Tax consultants also known as tax planners are accounting professionals — certified public accountants (CPA) or tax attorneys — who work with clients (businesses or individuals) to ensure that the clients are prepared for the next filing season and pay the minimum taxes legally possible.

Benefits of Hiring Tax Consultants

All businesses and income earning individuals are required by law to submit a tax form to the South African Revenue Services (SARS). This form, known as a Tax Return, allows SARS to work out what taxation must be paid or refunded.

Taxation is calculated as a certain percentage of taxable income. This percentage, known as your tax rate, is determined by a number of factors, which include the type of taxpayer and level income. Taxable income is calculated as income less allowable expenses. Income being what you have received or earned during the year, allowable expenses being the expenses you incurred to earn the income.  Tax planners' help to ensure that the taxation payable is minimized without violating tax laws .

Hiring tax planners  can save you money. They will advise you on life-long decisions and help you make better financial plans. They are knowledgeable about the tax code, deductions and credits.

Hiring a tax planner may seem to be costly but you will gain more in the taxes you can save with their services. 

Hiring tax consultants will as well save you time preparing your tax returns. They can advise you on how to organize for tax season, and get you prepare for the IRS if you happen to get audited.

Best 10 Tax Planners in South Africa


The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) is the number accountancy organization in South Africa and one of the leading  in the world. Its major objective is to train chartered accountants [CAs(SA)] to become leaders in government, businesses spheres. The Institute plays important role in South Africa’s business sector.  Outside its role in developing chartered accountants, it provides other support services to its members.

2 Francis Reed & Co

A Chartered Accountants firm that provides tax planning services in the areas personal tax, corporate tax, Value Added Tax, PAYE, donations tax and Capital Gains Tax all require careful consideration.

The company undertakes to make the process of submitting income tax returns as stress free and cost effective as possible.

Services offered by Francis Reed & Co include:

Our Tax Services

Tax planning and advice

Registration for income tax

Income tax calculations

Capital Gains Tax calculations

Prepare and submit annual income tax returns

Checking of income tax assessments

Prepare and submit provisional tax returns

Attend to SARS queries on behalf of clients

Prepare and submit IT14SD reconciliations

Lodge SARS objections

Prepare SARS deferred payment requests

Request tax clearance certificates

Request tax directives

Prepare tax exemption applications

Accounting Services


Independent Reviews

Annual Financial Statements

Bookkeeping and Payroll

Management Accounts

Business registrations and amendments

Cash flows

CIPC annual returns

PAIA manuals

Wills and estates

3 Tax Consulting South Africa

Tax Consulting South Africa is one of the largest independent tax practitioners in South Africa with more than 140 professionals that are made up of tax attorneys, chartered accountants and tax professionals who advocate complex matters to taxpayers and their professional advisors.

Its team of attorneys who are experts in tax laws assess risk and provide advice on tax compliance and the corresponding tax implications.

The firm provides wide range of services that cover all aspects of South African and international tax and tax-related law, as well as ensuring SARS remains accountable for its administration of client tax matters. 

Their professional services include but not limited to VAT refunds, Cross-border taxation, SARS audit, Voluntary disclosure, Accounting, and other business management consultancy services.

4 PKF Professional Services

PKF Professional Services also known at as Pannell Fitzpatrick & Co., Pannell Kerr Forster is a global network of accounting firms with more than 220 members ooering under the PKF brand name in 150 countries including South Africa

PKF taxation consulting demystifies complex tax matters you may have.

Tax law, regulation and tax efficiency are complex areas for any business, PKF makes it simple and straightforward.

You should consider hiring PKF Professionals to handle your tax matters especially if you operate business overseas. The complexity of tax regimes varies from country to country and frequent changes in tax laws can serve to move international borders farther apart.

Key tax services offered by PKF include:


Mergers and acquisitions

Corporate re-organisation

Tax compliance reviews




High net worth individuals

Tax planning

Estate planning



Indirect Tax

VAT (consulting and compliance reviews)

Transfer duty

International Tax

Cross border transactions/structuring

Transfer pricing

Employees' Tax

PAYE reviews

Payroll structuring


5 Attentus Accounting & Tax Solutions CC

Attentus Accounting and Tax Solutions CC provides  taxation and accounting services for small to medium sized businesses.  

The firm offers wide range of financial and administrative services to meet all business and personal requirements especially in the areas of accounting and tax solutions.

Tax solutions provided by Attentus include:

VAT and VAT Returns

Income Tax

Personal Income and companies income Tax 

Provisional Tax 

Provisional Tax (Due At End Of August & February Every Year)

Tax Clearance Certificate 

BEE Verification (EME Letter)

PAYE Returns & PAYE Recon

Payroll & Payslips (Monthly/Bi-Monthly etc.) 

Administrative Services

Other professional services offered are:

Company Registrations

New Company Registrations

Reinstatement of your Company or CC

CIPC – Amendments 

Annual Returns 

Accounting Officer Appointment

Accounting Services

Annual Financial Statements

Monthly Management Accounts (Bookkeeping) 

UIF (Department of Labour registrations) 

Workman's Compensation 

Valuation of companies

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