Top 20 Tax Advisors in Canada


Best Tax Advisors and Planners in Canada


Deloitte Consulting

Avalara Tax Research

GTA Accounting

Blanchette Vanchon CPA

Ward & Uptigrove

Versatile Accounting

Virtuous Bookkeeping

Muia Consulting

Joberson & Associates

Brian Dougherty Ltd

Numetrica City Inc


BDO Canada

Axil Alliance

Madan Chartered Accountants

DiPaola Di Pietro & Little Professional Corporation


Michael Atlas


Taxsos is one of the leading tax advisory firms in Canada that helps solve tax problems for individuals and organizations.

Taxsos prides itself in cleaning up tax mess fast for less fees

Taxsos offers free, confidential, and non judgemental tax consultation. Trusted by thousands of Canadians, Taxsos prevents CRA attacks.

Deloitte Consulting

Deloitte is leading global accounting firm and professional services network. It offers audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk, market research, and financial advisory services to business corporations. It operates on many countries including Canada.

Avalara Tax Research

Avalara Tax Research is a an online tax research and consultancy platform

It offers tax research tools and services for comprehensive, easy-to-understand tax insights.

With Avalara Tax Research tool, you quickly get updated transaction tax rules, rates, and regulations to help with tax decisions in both the U.S. and abroad.

It provides you with answers you need with tax research that’s easy to access and even easier to understand.

They provide tax research for sales and use, VAT, and GST related to your business.

Avalara helps you stay ahead of any audits as they provide you with audit defense support and access to tax explanations and citations for authorities and legal case.

GTA Accounting

Toronto, Canada 

GTA is professional tax accountant Services firm based in Toronto & Mississauga which specializes in accounting services including but not limited to corporate tax returns, tax accounting services, bookkeeping services, tax preparation, financial statements, tax auditing, international and real estate tax, advisory services, estate planning as well as HST and payroll services.

GTA helps small businesses as well as multinational companies to better manage their finances and grow their business. They have many clients located in Brampton Toronto, Barrie, Mississauga, Oakville and throughout GTA.

GTA Accounting prides itself of having professional expert who has boundless experience in business and tax accountants in Toronto & Mississauga. 


Blanchette Vanchon CPA

BVA is chartered professional accountant firm with over 50 years of experience in offering accounting services to entrepreneurs and business organizations.

It has over 180 professionals with expertise in accounting and management.

Their services include but not limited to corporate and personal taxation,  sales taxes, certification, business advice, cost price and performance improvement, planning, purchase / sale and financing of businesses, special financial management and accounting services, payroll processing, assistance and training services for SMEs. 

BVA ranks as the 12th largest accounting firm in Quebec.

DiPaola Di Pietro & Little Professional Corporation 

Accounting Firm in Ontario, CA

DiPaola Di Pietro & Little Professional Corporation is a accounting consultancy firm that offers advisory services in the areas of Accounting, Assurance, Taxation and Business Advisory services. Their services focus on private sector companies covering various industries such as medical, legal and other professional services firms, construction, automotive, restaurants, land and building development and technology firms.

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