Best 10 Tax Planners in California


Are you looking for Best tax planners in California? We've got you covered. In this article, we've compiled list of top 10 tax consultants in California,  USA 

What is Tax Planning?

Tax planning means a taxpayer making use of the tax law to pay the least amount of taxes possible. Tax planning involves the analysis of the taxpayer’s financial situation to ensure he pays the lowest tax. Tax planning involves keeping the taxpayer in a certain tax bracket so as to reduce the amount of taxes to be paid, which can be done by manipulating the timing of income, purchases, selecting retirement plans, and investing accordingly. Most times, it’s better to hire tax planners who are experts to handle your tax planning.

There are many tax planners in the United States, but we have selected and compiled the top 10 leading tax planning firms. 

What is a Tax Consultant?

Tax planners, also known as tax consultants, are accounting professionals — certified public accountants (CPA) or tax attorneys — who work with clients (businesses or individuals) to ensure that the clients are prepared for the next filing season and pay the minimum taxes legally possible.

Benefits of Hiring Tax Consultants

All businesses and income earning individuals are required by law to submit a tax form to the South IRS in California.

Taxation is calculated as a certain percentage of taxable income. This percentage, known as your tax rate, is determined by a number of factors, which include the type of taxpayer and level income. Taxable income is calculated as income less allowable expenses. Income being what you have received or earned during the year, allowable expenses being the expenses you incurred to earn the income.  Tax planners' help to ensure that the taxation payable is minimized without violating tax laws .

Hiring tax planners  can save you money. They will advise you on life-long decisions and help you make better financial plans. They are knowledgeable about the tax code, deductions and credits.

Hiring a tax planner may seem to be costly but you will gain more in the taxes you can save with their services. 

Hiring tax consultants will as well save you time preparing your tax returns. They can advise you on how to organize for tax season, and get you prepare for the IRS if you happen to get audited.

Top 10 Tax Planning Consultants in California, USA

If you're looking for best tax planners near you in California, USA, below are some of the best tax consultants in California you can hire.

  • Robert Hall & Associates
  • Abacus First Solutions
  • California Tax Planners
  • Premier Tax Advisors
  • Daniel E. Greene, CPA, CTC
  • Thong, Yu, Wong & Lee, LLP
  • Edelman Financial Engines
  • Masler Associates, CPA
  • Meier Law Firm
  • Moskowitz LLP

Robert Hall & Associates

Robert Hall & Associates is a tax consultancy firm in California United States of America that offers tax preparation and business services.

Robert Hall & Associates has been in the business of professional tax preparation to individuals and businesses in California since 1971. Within this period it has grown from a single person firm to California’s best and most trusted tax firm processing more than 10,000 tax returns annually. It offers services to clients in Los Angeles, California, and other states within the States.

Robert Hall & Associates is rated one of the largest and most trusted tax firms in California with more than 500 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp, and has also won numerous awards including winning the Glendale’s Best Accounting Firm for consecutive 7 years.

Robert Hall & Associates services include, but not limited to:

Individual tax

Business tax


Incorporation services

If you are looking for a better tax preparation service, tax consulting or tax advice, you can consider Robert Hall & Associates. 

Abacus First Solutions

Abacus First Solutions is a USA based BPO company and has a team of talented professionals, with decades of experience and expertise in the realms of accounting, auditing, payroll, taxation, and virtual management of human capital, financial assets, and many more. Its services are not limited to USA alone but global with more presence in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and Gulf region.

California Tax Planner

Yelena Elbaum Group, is California Tax Planner that offers proactive tax planning and accounting services
The company give provides a proactive plan full of court-tested, IRS-approved strategies for minimizing your taxes.
Elbaum CPA's philosophy is to ensure your tax liabilities are legally reduced  and keep more of what you earn in your own pocket. Each new client, corporate and personal, is given a tax analysis in which they review prior tax returns as well as current financials in order to identity missed opportunities and prior mistakes which resulted in unnecessary tax expenditures. They implement a personalized plan to save the client thousands.

Some of Elbaum CPA major clients include, but are not limited to Entertainment Industry, Manufacturing and Professional Service Businesses, Doctors, Dentists, Adult Day Care and Home Care Centers.
The service Elbaum CPA offers include:
Proactive tax planning
Individual income tax preparation
Business income tax preparation
Retirement planning
Other business taxes
Small business accounting
Financial statement.

Premier Tax Advisors

Premier Tax Advisors is rated no.1  accounting firm in Silicon Valley, which educates its clients on valuable tax planning strategies to minimize their taxes and maximize their wealth.
Its service offerings are:
Tax planning
Tax preparation
Financial planning

Daniel E. Greene, CPA, CTC

Daniel E. Greene, CPA, CTC is a professional tax  accounting firm serving clients throughout the U.S. Based in Temecula, California, the firm is dedicated to providing its clients with professional, personalized tax planning services and hands on guidance in strategic business needs, and in making life tax deductible.

Daniel E. Greene, is one of the leading  tax consultancy firms  Temecula, CA. 
It offers tax strategies that can significantly reduce your taxable income – saving you huge amount of money per year.

Thong, Yu, Wong & Lee, LLP

Founded in 1987, Thong, Yu, Wong & Lee, LLP  is a professional accounting and consulting services firm. Based in California,  the Firm provides  accounting, auditing, tax, estate planning, management consulting, strategic & business planning, merger & acquisition, IT consulting, research tax credits and benefit & plan audit services for small and medium enterprises.

Edelman Financial Engines

Edelman Financial Engines is financial advisory services firm
The firm has  has won Barron’s no. 1 Independent Financial Advisory Firm
2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
Awarded each September (2018 - 2022) by Barron's, based on data within a 12-month period. Compensation paid for use and distribution of rating.
Edelman offers wide range of financial advisory services to both individuals and businesses. With over 145 offices nationwide, you are sure of getting the financial advisory services you may need to grow your wealth.  Its professional services include:
Financial planning
Tax planning
Investment planning
Retirement planning
Insurance guidance
Estate planning
Enterprise workplace solutions
Small business solutions 

Masler Associates, CPA

Masler & Associates is an accounting firm offering tax planning services in Irvine and Orange County, California
Masler & Associates boasts of team accountants who are thoroughly trained, knowledgeable, and always current with the latest U.S. tax codes at both the federal and state levels.
Established in 2008, the firm has helped individuals and business owners make sense of this overly complicated tax planning. The company work with local clients in Irvine and throughout Orange County, California, and its team of professionals are well knowledgeable in local tax laws.
Services offered by Masler & Associates include:
Personal Tax Planning  (Income tax planning, Retirement tax planning, Inheritance tax planning
Business Tax Planning Services (Corporate tax planning, Offshore tax planning, International tax planning
Small Business Tax Planning (State & Local Tax Return Preparation, Property Tax Return Preparation, International Taxation).

Meier Law Firm

Meier is a law firm with expertise in in legal tax. They are up to speed with tax laws in USA both at the state and federal levels. They employ the best strategy to help reduce your tax burdens.
You can take advantage of its legal tax strategies to reduce and eliminate taxes, save your hard earned, and enjoy the quality of life you deserve.
Services include:
Wills & trustees
Trust administration
Assets protection
Tax Planning
Special needs planning

Moskowitz LLP

Tax Organizers
Moskowitz is a law firm that specializes on tax and business laws
The firm prides itself as a firm that provides personalized, realistic and practical solutions for the full range tax issues. Tax law is highly complex and difficult to navigate, and you need services of an expert to held you to avoid going against the taxing authorities. Moskowitz LLP  tax attorneys, CPAs, approved agents and support staff offer non-judgmental legal and tax representation for individuals and businesses at the federal, state and local levels.
Moskowitz LLP areas of services include:
Business law
Tax planning & compliance
Criminal tax law
International taxation
State & local taxation
Real estate law
Cryptocurrency practice group
Tax audit, litigation & collection
Business turnaround services 

In case you looking for tax planners in other parts of the United States of America, check here for top leading tax planners in USA.

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