Two Cow Thieves Hand Themselves Over to Police after being Attacked by Colony of Bees

Two Kenyan men returned a cow which they allegedly stole to Makutano Police Station in Embu County causing a drama.

The two suspects identified as Philip Wekasa, 32, and Mwamba Ili, 25, on November 5, 2022, surrendered themselves to the police while covered by swarm of bees.

They ran into the police station screaming in excruciating pains as the bees stung them.

The police contacted a woman, Lilian Waithera, who had earlier reported that her cow was stolen. The woman identified the cow as hers and confessed that she consulted a native doctor who performed a charm.

“I am told that the suspects had tried to sell the cow at the Makutano market, but did not find a buyer. That was before the bees shepherded them to the station where they surrendered the cow,” she said.

The witch doctor was called, and he performed magic that reversed and called off the bees.

The assistant chief in Kirinyaga area, Mr. Daniel Kiama Maina, urged locals not to resort to using witchcraft to combat livestock rustling, which has become prevalent in the area.

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