Peter Obi Faces Disqualification Case for Using Underage in His Rally


A Self-acclaimed child  rights activist, Wale Ojo-Lanre, has instituted a N50 million lawsuit against the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi for involving a toddler in his political rally in Lagos.

Mr Ojo-Lanre had on October 27 filed the suit before a family court in the Ikeja Division of the High Court in Lagos.

Others joined in the suit marked ID/6332GCM/2022 included the Labour Party, Queen (mother of the toddler), the federal government and the attorney general of the federation.

According to him, he is filing the case against the respondents as a “concerned Nigerian and litigation friend” of the minor.

Ojo-Lanre  is praying the court to award N50 million in damages against the first, second and third respondents for violating the child’s rights.

Mr Ojo-Lanre argued that it was illegal, unlawful, exploitative, and abusive for Peter Obi to post the picture and video of the underage on his Twitter handle on October 2 and tagged her “a poster child.”

“The first defendant allowed participation and usage of a toddler in an adult political rally, which took place on the street of Lagos on October 1. This is contrary to sections 29 and 33 of the Child Rights Act of Lagos State and Article 36 of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of Children, 1981,” the activist explained.

He added, “We seek an order for the first and second respondents to delete their respective tweets and several other posts on their social media accounts in reference to the underage girl-child. We also seek an order mandating the fourth and fifth respondents to withdraw the toddler from the care and custody of the third respondent.”

Mr Ojo-Lanre said he was seeking a court order for the child to be handed over “to any welfare home under the accreditation and supervision of the federal ministry of women affairs or other appropriate authorities for proper care, education, protection and upbringing until she turns 18 years.”

On the contrary, the said rally where the toddler attended held in Asaba, the Delta State Capital, not in Lagos.

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