List of Insurance Companies in South Africa

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There are many reputable insurance companies in South Africa that offer different to types of insurance services.

Here we have compiled list of some of the best-rated insurance companies in South Africa

Note: List is alphabetical order.

Insurance Companies in South Africa

1. 1Life Insurance

2. 1st For Women Insurance

3. 27Four Life

4. 3Sixty Life Insurance

5. AA Car Insurance


6. Abacus Insurance

7. ABSA Insurance

8. Affinity Health Insurance

9. African Rainbow Life

10. AIG Insurance

11. Alexander Forbes Insurance

12. AllLIFE Insurance

13. Assupol Insurance

14. Auto & General Insurance

15. Avbob Insurance

16. Bidvest Insurance

17. Budget Insurance

18. Capitec  Insurance

19. Clientele Insurance

20. Dialdirect Insurance

21. Discovery Insurance

22. Doves Funeral Insurance

23. FNB Insurance

24. Hollard Insurance

25. IWyze Insurance


26. King Price Insurance

27. Legalwise  Insurance

28. Liberty Insurance

29. Lombard Insurance

30. MANDG Investment Life

31. Metropolitan Insurance

32. MiWay Insurance

33. Momentum Insurance

34. Monarch Insurance

35. Old Mutual Insurance


36. OUTsurance Insurance

37. Peregrine Life

38. Rand Mutual Assurance

39. Sanlam Insurance

40. Santam Structured Insurance

41. Sasria Soc

42. Standard Bank Insurance

43. Vodacom Insurance

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Types of South African Insurance Companies

There is insurance coverage for any anything valuable. These insurance policies are classified in to different types, and all these types of insurance that can cover anything valuable are available to consumers in South Africa. But then, we have compiled the list of the most common types of insurance in South Africa.

Car or Auto Insurance

Car insurance is a type of insurance that provides cover for your car against theft, damage, or injuries you may sustain while driving. It’s also provides cover for anyone who may suffer injury or loss when you’re involved an accident. This kind of insurance is very important because if you get involved in an accident or your car is being stolen, car insurance comes to your rescue.

Home Insurance

Home insurance provides cover for your property including the building and the valuables in your home. It covers your home against theft and disaster.

Home insurance ensures that if something is stolen or damaged, the insurance company is there to assist you in replacing valuable items.

Business Insurance

If your are a business owner, insurance cover for your business should be one of your first priorities. When you have a business, you are not only responsible for your livelihood and goods, but also those of your customers/clients and your staff.  Disastrous situations that can cripple your business can be prevented or remedied with the right insurance cover.

Medical Insurance

Medical or health insurance covers you against medical emergencies. It covers situations such as accidents or sudden medical problems arising. It relieves of medical expenses burdens. Premiums are paid monthly to the insurance company, while the insurance company takes up medical expenses of the insured when during medical emergencies.

This makes it a great option for those who do not see doctors regularly and want a backup plan for unforeseen emergencies. Some medical insurance companies offer the usual day-to-day basics, but these are usually limited.

Funeral Insurance

This type of insurance covers your funeral when you die. We all know that funeral rite is very expensive, so having such covering that would payout when one passes on to lessen the financial burden on the shoulders one’s loved ones will not be a bad one, at least your love ones would have a little respite as the still have emotional stress to deal with.

Life Insurance

Like Funeral Insurance, Life insurance a measure taken in order for a person to provide for their loved ones when they pass on. The insured pays monthly premiums to the insurance company, and in the eventuality that the insured person dies, indemnity is paid to their beneficiaries (families).

This type of insurance is designed for those with children, other dependants, to help their dependants to meet up with their financial needs in the event the insured passes away.

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