Bandits Arrest Thief, Hand Him over to Authorities in Kastina


Alt: = "Bandits and thief they arrested in Kastina"

A group of armed bandits on patrol have reportedly “arrested” a thief in Katsina State and handed over to the authorities.

The scavenger, whose name was not immediately ascertained, is said to be a middle-aged man.

PRNnigeria reported that scavenger specialised in uprooting metal rods and removing iron bars, from deserted buildings at a deserted village.

 He was caught by the bandits while they were on a “patrol” on their motorcycles.

A video shared by PRNnigeria showed the bandits parading the scavenger and his stolen metal rods inside a cart before a community leader in the state.

In the video, which didn’t indicate the date of the incident, the bandits warned the thief about the danger of stealing.

“Don’t you know that it is a criminal offence to steal? You are lucky that we are handing you over to the authorities; we could have executed for engaging in criminal activities,” the bandits reportedly told the scavenger.

The bandits  who were brandishing sophisticated guns, told the community leader to ensure the “scavenger thief” was dealt with according to the law to serve as deterrent to others thieves.

The bandits also instructed the community chief to hand over the thief to police for further interrogation and prosecution.

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