Top 20 Restaurant Management Software


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Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant management software are software specifically designed to help restaurant owners effectively mange their food and hospitality services. Some of the software are online platforms, while some are mobile and desktop applications. They have functionalities for customer relationship, as seen in point of sale (POS) systems. Restaurant management software systems have have more capabilities to backend processes like inventory management, accounting, booking and reservation, employee scheduling, etc.

In this article we have listed and reviewed 20 of best restaurant management applications you can use for your business. The software tools can be used to management both restaurant and hotel.

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Best 20 Restaurant Management Software

  • When I Work 
  • TouchBistro
  • 7shifts
  • Oracle Hospitality
  • Clover
  • Sapaad
  • Cake
  • ShopKeep by Lightspeed
  • Toast POS
  • Revel Systems POS
  • Gofrugal
  • Epos Now
  • Yodeck
  • AccuPOS
  • Ordyx
  • CrunchTime
  • OpenTable
  • SynergySuite
  • HarborTouch POS
  • Dessert POS

Factors to Consider before Choosing Restaurant Management Systems

The following factors can help you identify and select the best restaurant management software tool for your business

Restaurant size: small restaurants usually have small inventory, customer base, employees and cash flow. If your restaurant is small, a basic or free restaurant tool would be for your business. But large restaurant and hotel would need advanced software tool  with multiple functionalities and premium features
Sales channels: If you sell through more than one point, you will need system that supports multiple sales channels.

Mobile compatibility: a tool that is compatible with mobile devices should be an ideal choice for you. It give flexibility and control over your business anywhere, anytime.

Cost: If you are startup with limited finance resource, you may start with free restaurant management software or one with free version.

Scalability: As your restaurant expands, your management tasks expand as well. You will therefore need  scalable tool for your growing restaurant. So even if you are choosing free tool, which one with premium version so that you can be able to upgrade to ensure you stay in sync without having to changing tool.



XERA POS is a restaurant management tool with POS capabilities, which helps restaurant managers to effectively and efficiently manage their businesses. The features include customizable table layout screen that displays map of the restaurant to the users. It allows the users to customize the table layout screen to partition the restaurant area into different sections and include counters. XERA POS offers capabilities for customer and inventory management. The POS enables users to know their restaurants are running out some certain stocks in their inventory, and can make suggestions of alternatives.


Starting price: $59

With Advance features: $159 per month

Free Trial: Not Available

Free Version: Available


Gofrugal is an advanced point of sale tool retail services which can be used on across various sectors. It helps in management supply and distribution, billing and automated financial transactions.

Its inventory management module enables users to generate inventory reports, fill order for customers and set up automated ordering system. It gives users access to customers central database to be able to customers personal information (name, birthday, anniversaries), track purchases, and transactions and payments histories. With Gofrugal POS, users can set up different security levels for employees, offer discounts and award sales commissions. 

The POS also offers retail accounting module with receivable and payable accounts features, general ledger, payroll processing features.

Gofrugal supports both on-premise and cloud-based hosting. Available on mobile app for iOS and Android devices


Gofrugal license payments are made either on annual or semi-annual basis. Contact for prices

Customer support

Via email, phone call and online knowledge base.

Epos Now

Epos Now is a retail management solution designed for SMEs. It offers different modules for POS, inventory management, customer service management, financial accounting, employees management and payroll, purchasing order, and general ledger.

Epos Now POS is used across various retail industries such as restaurant, grocery, furniture, boutique, etc.

The POS modules has barcode and credit card scanners, electronic scale integration. It has a staff time clock, age verification. The inventory module enables users to keep track of purchase order, discount items or decline transactions, generate inventory reports. It also offers capabilities to transfer customers data, stock data to the new system.

Epos Now is a cloud-based tool, and supports Windows, Mac, mobile devices such as iPad and Android OS. Its hardware is sold by Epos Now and other accredited vendors.


Starting price: $39 per month

Standard: $39 per month, and $24 per month for additional register

Premium: $69 per month, and $45 per month for additional register

Enterprise: Contact for quote

Free trial: Available for 30 days, no credit card required

Free version: Available

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