List of Investment Banks in Croatia

Are you looking for investment banks in Croatia? We have have compiled the list of investment banking firms in the Republic of Croatia for you.

What is an Investment Bank?

Investment bank is a  type of bank that acts as an intermediary that undertakes large and complex financial transactions on behalf of other companies or government. Such financial transactions include underwriting/ issuing house for securities, issuing companies and investors, facilitating merger of 2 competitors, as financial advisory and brokerage. Investment bank also handles pension funds.

List of Investment Banks in Croatia

  • Ascendant d.o.o
  • Centar Banka DD
  • Erste & Steiermaerkische Bank DD
  • FIMA InterCapital D.O.O
  • Privredna Banka Zagreb
  • Raiffeisenbank Austria D.D

Ascendant D.O.O.

Ascendant d.o.o. is an investment banking firm which offers investment and financial advisory services. Some the services it  provides include capital funding, financial restructuring and recapitalization, private placements, market research and intelligence, and mergers and acquisitions advisory services. It also offers transaction planning, client representation, negotiation, and execution services. Some of its major clientele are Logos d.o.o., Foto-Nekretnine d.o.o., Adriatic Media d.o.o., and Vodatel d.o.o. 

Ascendant d.o.o. is a member The International Network of M&A Partners. Its head office is located in Zagreb, Croatia with a branch office in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina.


Budmanijeva 1 Zagreb, 10000 Croatia

Tel: 385 14 92 14 29


Centar Banka D.D

Centar banka d.d. is an investment banking firm that provides various banking products and services both wholesale and retail to companies and private persons in the Croatia. It accepts different forms of deposits such as fixed-term, open fixed-term, and annuity savings deposits; savings with advanced payment of interest; demand deposits; and time deposits. Investment services offered by Centar Banka include securities custody; provision of depositary service for share depositing in public offerings for the company takeover; brokerage; purchase and sale of securities; organizing, preparing, and underwriting of new securities, as well as conducting other services related to issuance; sponsorship of issuance; and security investment consulting. It also offers lending services which include credits on current and giro accounts, long-term and short-term investment loans; letters of credit; guarantee and documentary operations;   factoring and bills of exchange discounting; tourism business financing loans; mortgage loans; lombard loans; margin account loans, non-specific purpose cash loans to citizens; consumer credits; and HBOR credit lines. Other services include Internet banking, domestic and foreign payments;  text-message services, and Cep@pak, a service package for citizens; and card services with the network of ATM machines and EFTPOS terminals. Centar banka d.d. was established in 1992 with its head office located in Zagreb, Croatia.


Amru eva 6 Zagreb, 10000 

Tel: 385 1 48 03 444


Erste&Steierm rkische Bank D.D.

Founded in 1954 Erste&Steierm rkische Bank d.d is a subsidiary of Erste Group Bank AG that provides commercial banking services to retail customers, and small and medium-sized businesses. It offers current accounts, savings, time deposits, and HRK and/or domiciliary accounts; and personal, working capital, import and export, investment, construction, short term, and revolving loans, as well as overdraft and bill of exchange discounting services. It also provides investment products such as investment funds, pension funds, life insurance products, treasury certificates and government bonds currencies; and treasury products, like spot and futures, securities, derivatives, forex transactions, overnight deposits, forex swaps, treasury bills and commercial bills, repo deals, bonds, credit link notes, and capital guaranteed products; and commercial letters of credit, bank guarantees, and documentary collection services. The firm also provide credit and debit cards; trust management and investment banking, domestic and foreign payment operation, factoring, real estate leasing, real estate agency, standing order and cash pooling, custody, and financial intermediation services; and SMS, mobile, and Internet banking services, as well as operates as management company for voluntary pension fund, and credit institution. It has branches in Croatia and some other countries such as Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, and Serbia numbering about 2,800 

Erste&Steierm rkische Bank d.d. head office is located in Rijeka, the Republic of Croatia. 


Jadranski trg 3A Rijeka, 51000 Croatia

Tel: 385 62 37 50 00


FIMA InterCapital D.O.O.

FIMA InterCapital d.o.o. is a boutique investment banking firm in the Republic of Croatia that provides financial and investment advisory services. The company offers initial public offering (IPO), share listing, debt instrument issuance, mergers and acquisition, due diligence, valuation, corporate restructuring, business planning, and feasibility analysis advisory services. Some of its major clientele include HBOR, PLIVA, Raiffeisen Bank, Optima Telecom, IGH, and Auto Hrvatska. FIMA InterCapital d.o.o. was founded in 2001 and its head office is located in Zagreb, Croatia.


Masarykova 1 Zagreb, 10000 Croatia

Tel: 385 1 48 25 890


Privredna Banka Zagreb

Privredna banka Zagreb is one of leading banks in the field of investment banking in Croatia. Based on its specialist knowledge and many years of experience, the firm has developed a range of products and services designed for both domestic and foreign clients.


Tel: 0800 729 266


Raiffisenbank Austria D.D.

Founded in 1994, Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. is an investment banking firm that provides a range of financial services to clients in Croatia and internationally. It offers retail banking services, including current accounts, Giro accounts, savings accounts, loans, offers to retired persons, Internet banking, MasterCard and Visa credit cards, credit and debit card loyalty program, safe deposit box, custody and depository bank, and brokerage services; and transaction services, Internet banking, documentary business, financing, EU support, treasury and investment banking, MasterCard business debit and credit cards, online shopping, and custody and depository bank services for business entities. The firm also offers correspondent banking services. Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. is a member of Raiffeisen Bank International AG. Its head office is located in Zagreb, Croatia. 


Petrinjska 59 Zagreb, 10000 Croatia

Tel: 385 1 45 66 466


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