Omoyele Sowore Declares His Assets Ahead of 2023 Presidential Election


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The Presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, AAC,  Omoyele Sowore has on Saturday declared his assets for the 2023 general election.

Sowore made a declaration of  in a series via his Twitter handle.

Moyele Sowore’s Assist

According to the human rights activist, he has the following assets

  1. Two used cars: Toyota Camry and Lexus RX 350
  2. A Home in his village which may worth N5m
  3. SaharaReported Media Group (worth not certain as of now)
  4. Four mobile phones: 3 iPhones, 1 Galaxy Note 10
  5. A four bedroom bungalow in New Jersey
  6. Three Bank accounts: 1 Gtbank account with balance of N4,800 (frozen by FG in 2019 over #RevolutionNow protest), 1 Kuda Bank accounts with balance of N630, Capital One US bank account with balance of $300

Sowore’s tweets read partly, “I have 2 used cars: a Toyota Camry & Lexus RX 350, a home in my village worth maybe N5m, three iPhones, a Galaxy Note 10 Lite (if you could call those assets), SaharaReporters Media Group ( don’t know the worth as of today), a four bedroom bungalow in New Jersey & nothing more!

He said, “A @gtbank account I operated in Nigeria had N4,800 left in before my arrest, I managed to open a @kudabankhelp with  N463.00 as of this evening.

“I also recently opened a @capitalone US bank account that has in it about $300, I have a @ZenithBank campaign account for the #Sowore2023 Presidential account. I have nothing more besides financial support that I occasionally get from friends and family (if those count as assets),” he added.

Sowore stressed that he has never operated any offshore account(s) or worked with a tax haven to hide his assets, adding that, “These are the assets I have in my entire life.”

Sowore’s assets declaration is coming on the heels of calls by Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) urging all  presidential candidates ahead of the February 2023 presidential election to urgently publish details of your assets and liabilities, and to publicly commit to rejecting vote buying and electoral bribery before and during the elections.

The human rights activist and pro-democracy campaigner also condemned vote-buying during the much-anticipated 2023 elections.

“I reject vote-buying on or before 2023 election date,” he said

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