Meet Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season 7 Housemates


Alt: = "Groovy and Phyna"

The Big Brother Naija Season 7 proudly sponsored by Piggyvest Pocket and associate sponsor, Flutterwave, started today Saturday, July 23, 2022

Here are the Big Brother Naija 2022 Housemates.

1. Groovy

Alt: = "Groovy"

Groovy plans to take it to the next level by being as fun and entertaining as possible. He has no plans to break any of Biggie’s rules. Let’s wait to see if he sticks to his word.

Instagram Handle: @groovymono.

2. Beauty

Alt: = "Beauty"

NAME: Beauty Tukura 

She’s a lawyer and an ex-beauty Queen who hails from Taraba state. 

Although Beauty may drink a little too much at times, she’s still a 10! She hopes her authenticity and her strategy to “go with the flow” will carry her to the end.

Instagram Haandle: @beautytukura.

3. Khalid

Alt: = "Khalid"

Khalid is ready to take it to the next level, as he promises to bring charisma, brains and be a team player in the House. However, isn’t the best cook, will he starve his Housemates?

Instagram Handle: @blckon_khld

4. Ilebaye

Alt: = "Ilebaye"

Ilebaye isn’t here for boredom. She promises to bring all the Gen-Z energy to Biggie’s House. If it were up to her, it would be a party every day!

Her Instagram Handle: @ilebayeofficial

5. Amaka

Alt: = "Amaka"

Amaka says she will taking things to the next level by being Nigerian Nicki Minaj. Her strengths lie in her being original and realistic while her weaknesses are being too emotional and impatient.

Is being impatient not a very bad omen?

6. Daniella

Alt: = "Daniella"

Daniella is here to make her mark! She plans to make sure she is seen in the House and her presence is felt. Housemates can trust her though, as she promises not to steal food.

Instagram Handle: @Daniellapeters_official.

8. Phyna

Alt: = "Phyna"

Phyna plans to level up be giving us the ginger and vibes. She believes that Big Brother Naija fans will love her because she’s jovial but they might find her too strict.

Instagram Handle: @unusualphyna.

9. Pharmsavi

Alt: = "Pharmsavi"

Pharmsavi proclaims he has “the medicine for all madness” on this season of Big Brother Naija. He promises to be focused and entertaining in his time in the House.

Instagram Handle: @pharmsavi.

10. Christy O

Alt: = "Christy O"

Christy O is ready to bring good energy, fun and awesome vibes to the House, but watch your step because she hates liars, and always tells it like it is.

Instagram Handle: @officialchristy_o

11. Bryann

Alt: = "Bryann"

Vibes, big energy and swag are the things that Bryann promises to bring to Big Brother Season 7. He says he’s a threat because he’s super confident and is ready to adapt to any situation.

Instagram Handle: @bryannonly


Alt: = "CYPH"

CYPH who hails from Mbaise in Imo State, is coming with a lot of vibes to the house

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