Education Visa: Easiest Way to Travel Abroad


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Easiest Way to Get Visa to Leave Nigeria

Education Visa is the easiest way to leave Nigeria as a Youth.

With the sorry state of Nigeria’s economy, unemployment and inflation rates skyrocketing by the day coupled with insecurity, many Nigerians especially especially the youths consider traveling abroad and as means to escape poverty. 

Unfortunately, most of these other countries Nigerians want to “japa” to are becoming skeptical about granting Nigerian green password carriers visas to their countries, with fears that those seeking tourism or visitation visas may not return. Getting visa to travel to countries like UK, USA, Canada etc are becoming difficult by the day.

In all this, education has proven to be the best bet to get visas easily to travel abroad with various countries offering scholarships for master’s and undergraduate programs, some of which come with options for work and permanent residency.

Nigerians are  now leveraging study visas to leave the shores of Nigeria, especially given the continuous social and economic hardship in the country. 

Many companies in Nigeria are going to experience mass resignations as academic activities begins in countries like UK USA, Canada, Australia.

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Once you get admission offer from any university abroad, you are certain of getting the country's education visa. 

If you have suffered many visa denials, or you are intending to travel, try education visa. 

The beauty  of traveling abroad as a student is that it offers many opportunities — acquiring quality, valuable education, possibility of getting permanent residency, job offer, and you can be schooling and be working at same time.

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Statistics show that Nigeria expended over $28 billion on foreign education in 10 years, which is average of $2.8 billion per year. This indicates that huge number of Nigerian are schooling abroad.

Why Education Visa is the Best Means to Travel Abroad

  • The easiest way to get visa to American and European countries as a Nigerian is through education
  • It’s easier to get admission into foreign universities than into Nigerian universities
  • Although, you may need to write and pass IELTS or TOEFL exams before you can be admitted in US, UK, Australian and Canadian universities, but then good number of universities in these countries do not demand for such exams once you can prove that your primary to secondary education or even first degree were done in English language.
  • You can be schooling and be working abroad. So you can be able to foot your education bills yourself over there.
  • It will be easier for you to get good job there after schooling, having obtained your certificate in same country
  • Will be easier for you to get permanent residency after schooling and getting job offer there. Some scholarship programs come with permanent residency offer. 

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