Important Things to Consider before Renting a House in Nigeria


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Moving from one apartment or house to the other is inevitable. At one point or the other, you would need to move to another house.

In doing this, there are some factors to consider before renting an apartment. Most times, what many Nigerian give priority to is the affordability of the house. But that is not all you should put into consideration.

In this article, we will be educating you on important factors, other than money,  you should consider before renting a house in Nigeria.

These factors vary depending on peculiarities of the individuals or families looking to relocate to another house. Look out for the factors that are applicable to your circumstances.

We are going to categorise peculiarities into two, and then the general factors

  • Single Person
  • Family
  • Other factors

As a Single Person

If you are searching for house as a single person, the first thing to consider is how much do you have? What’s your budget (how much are you willing or can afford to pay)? The answer to these questions will guide you in deciding the kind of  location and house to rent an apartment.

The second thing to consider is why you are getting a new apartment. Are you a student? Are you a National Youth Service Corps member? Did you get a new job in another city? Do you just want to leave your father’s house to start your own life? Or you are changing apartments?

You need to put any of these which are applicable to you into consideration in your choice of house to rent.

Let’s say you are getting apartment as a student or Youth Corps member. You need to get a place close to your school or place of primary assignment, as the case may be. You need to get in a house or environment where you have your fellow students or corps members.

If you are getting a house for a job, you have to put into consideration how much you are earning in choosing a house you can be able to foot the bills. You shouldn’t get a house that your earning can’t pay for. Any house your 2 – 3 months salaries can’t pay for, is on the high side for you. A house at most ¼ of your annual earnings can maintain is ideal for you.

In case you are moving out of your parents' house, it’s advisable to get a small apartment, because you’re likely still going to move to another city in the near future.

If you are changing apartments, it is necessary for you to take count of those things you didn’t like about your former apartment and its environs, so that you wouldn’t be moving in to another apartment with same disadvantages.

Thirdly, as a single person, you have needs and priorities. You therefore need to tailor your house location to suit these needs and priorities. What are those things that are most important things to you, they should be given priority. Is it work? Then consider getting a place close to your place of work. Could it be social life? Look for a bubbling area in your city where social and night life take place to get house. Do you hate noise? Then getting a house in a quiet environment should be your priority.

As a family

If you are searching for house for you and your family, you have a lot of things to consider: yourself, your spouse, your kids, your extended family, friends and relatives.

Having all these people in mind, the following are important things to consider

Proximity to school


Proximity to market

Proximity to place of worship

Access roads

Other Factors

Unsettled power bills

Power bill is a very serious issue in Nigeria as the power distribution companies keep giving consumers estimated bills. The consumers find it difficult to offset the bills in whole as they come, claiming the bills are outrageous — billing more than actual power consumption. The outstanding bills keep accumulating. When the occupants of the house leave, the incoming tenants will be burdened with the responsibility of paying the accumulated bills. So save yourself from such burden, always check if the house has unsettled power bills before paying for the rent.

Availability of drainage system

Many people don’t consider this when they are looking for a house to rent especially during the dry reason. But as soon as they move in, and the rains set in, they begin to regret renting house in such an environment or location.

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