Best WhatsApp Cloud API Software Tools for Your Business


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Meta recently launched WhatsApp Cloud API, which allows businesses and developers to build on top of WhatsApp to customize their experiences and respond to customers quickly and easily.

API, which stands for Applications  Programming Interface software interface that enables two applications to interact with each other. 

With WhatsApp Cloud API, businesses can integrate third-party apps such payment gateways, robo-advising, customer messaging, e-store etc.

Here we have compiled the front line WhatsApp Business API software providers.

Top WhatsApp Business API Software

  • Clickatell WhatsApp Business API
  • Infobip WhatsApp Business API
Clickatell WhatsApp  Business API

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Clickatell is an authorized WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider. Clickatell WhatsApp API is a software solution that enables businesses to quickly and easily reach and engage in rich conversations with their customers.

Clickatell is secure and reliable. Its security features ensure that conversations between you and your customers remain private with end-to-end encryption and multi-factor authentication.

How to start using Clickatell WhatsApp Business API

There 5 simple steps to take to strt using Clickatell API for your business:

Sign up to create a free Clicktell account to get access to the portal

Apply for WhatsApp Business account

Purchase a subscription once your application is approved

Verify your business WhatsApp (phone) number

Connect the API to your business profile and go live.


Offers online support


starting prices

entry: $1 per month

Basic: $250 per month

Starter: $625 per month

Enterprise: Contact for quote

Contact for prices

Free trial: Available

Free version: Not available

website: clickatell/products/whatsapp/

Infobip WhatsApp API

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Infobip is a WhatsApp Business API provided by Infobip enables you have more customers interaction via WhatsApp. It lets you send and receive limitless messages across whole customer journey. With Infopib WhatsApp API, developers can build and message across all customer journey. The software tools offers capacities to integrate and send messages, receieve messages in real time, analyze reports.


Speed up onboarding

Onboarding of new users is easy as it sends welcome messages to new users and use interactive call-to-action buttons to guide new users through out the onboarding process.

Send digital documents

It offers end-to end encryption, that allows businesses send documents such as invoice and statement using media message template in a both simple and secure manner.

Schedule appointments

The API helps your customers book appointment in a way that is convenient to them

Manage loyalty schemes

Handling customer support is a herculean task. WhatsApp Business API helps customers use their benefits, send status notifications and allows customer support personnel to handle only complex queries.

Share package location

Notify your customers when when and where their parcel is delivered, including a photo.

Be available to your customers

With this WhatsApp API, you will be easily reachable to solve customer related problems at any time


Infopib offers both practical and regulatory supports, and has more than 10 offices globally.


contact for prices

Free trial: Available

Free version: Not available

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Is a WhatsApp  Business API that provides chatbot AI services


Notify Important Updates

Verloop helps you send automated transactional messages to customer and improve your customer engagement. You proactively share updates, reminders and other notifications to segmented uses for specific targeting. You can as well use WhatsApp chatbot collect feedback from your customers, send events and upsell your service to your customers.


Verloop has Veca that serves as e-commerce assistant. It has inbuilt multi-intent recognition solution which can understand complex questions and guide customers to solve queries accurately and quickly.

Voice allows your customers to send voice messages to you. Voice-enable AI chatbot lets your customers to have a hands-free experience and the freedom to express themselves freely and spontaneously. With Voice, your customers can seek support in their native languages abd reduce the time taken to raise a concern.

Supported Industries

e-Commerce: Helps in sharing order updates, answering queries instantly and reduce cart abandonment

 Banking and Financial services: Make secure transactions, notify customers and complete KYC verification through chat




Real Estate

Food Services

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