Trick to Free Up Space on Your Android Phone without Using Apps

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 Is your Android phone memory filled up? You can’t  save more photos or videos on your phone? Are you looking for ways to free up some storage space?

Then, we got you covered. He we are going to share with you a trick you can use to make more space on your Android device without using any third-apps, and with losing important files.

Every mobile device has a limit to its storage capacity. When the phone is new, you can store anything you want and you tend to store irrelevant things. But as months go by, and  as you continue using the installed apps and web browsers, you begin to notice that the storage capacity and processing speed of your phone are reducing. It will get to a point where you can’t store anything anymore, to the extent that you can’t save videos or photos sent on WhatsApp.

At this point you need to free some space, else, it may get worse. After reading this article, you will be able to free up some space on your phone memory instead of using of some third-party apps, which may not be successful in cleaning up your Android phone. These applications most times delete important files in your phone in the process of freeing up some storage space. Before we delve into the steps to take to free up some space in your Android phone without using apps, let’s understand what Android is and how it works.

What is Android?

Android is a mobile operating system (OS) developed for mobile devices with a touchscreen, such as smartphone and tablets. Android software is also used in cars, televisions and other machines.

Owned by Google and based on Linux kernel and other open source software, Android is programmed to facilitate the use of a large number of applications in a simple way.

Android OS was originally developed by Android Inc, and was bought by Google in 2005. Google launched it two years later, in 2007, as part of the development of open standards in mobile devices. Its main Android source code is commonly known as the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Today Android  is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world.

How does Android Work?

Every part of the operating system has its own function and process. The functioning of the operating system (OS) depends on the functioning of each of these parts. The operating system signals all the resources of the mobile phone, prioritizing various memories and programs.

So, when an Android user presses the screen to open an app, it redirects the execute permissions of that app to (and not another one) run in the foreground and screen. A mobile operating system can be regarded as a kind of traffic police saddled with the responsibility of redirecting information flows and determining which of them take precedence.

How to Free Up Space on Your Android Phone

The steps below  were performed with a mobile with Android 12. If you have different version of Android, the process should be the same or similar on your own device, otherwise you will have to make a small adjustment in the process. Pay attention to the following steps. To clean your Android to make for more storage space:

  • Go to your mobile’s Settings.
  • Click on Storage.
  • Now click on “Free up space”. For lesser version of Android, “Clear Memory” or Click on “Mobile Storage”
  • There, you will find many types of files that you can clean. Some are junk, Cached data screenshots, very large files, downloaded files and those that have been backed up to your Google Drive account.
  • For junk files, tap “Clean up”. And for the other files just tap on “Select files” and then choose the ones you want to delete.
  • For Cached data, tap clear cached data. This will clear all the cached data, cookies for all your apps.
  • Select all the files you want to clear, tap “Move” files to Trash and you’re done.
  • Check out the rest of the options on the “Cleanup suggestions” page. After completing them, you should have recovered much of your Android’s storage.

You can see that the trick and the steps are simple. Following them carefully, you will be able to free up enough storage space on your Android device (smartphone or tablet), and there will be no need to expend money on the services of a technician or on paying a third-party app that wouldn’t be successful in cleaning your Android phone anyways.

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