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Legal case management software is technological solution that streamlines lawyers` workflows in a centralized database, for easy and fast accessing, booking, task tracking, billing, case management, mobile app integration, phone messaging etc.

Law practice and law firms are well known for heavy documentations and file management, corporate legal software there provides the lawyers with single platform to manage their all their tasks, except for court appearance. Legal software has featuring, case file management, billing, clientele services. It also helps in preventing calendaring and deadline errors, which according to The American Bar Association, most times result to legal malpractice claims.

Top Corporate Legal Software

1 App4Legal Software

App4Legal is software designed for legal management. It is a Suite by Law Practice Management Software & Contract Lifecycle Management Software. It is comprehensive, multi-language, intuitive, secure. App4Legal is jurisdiction and infrastructure agnostic. It is comprehensive and allows for third part app integration with full fledge customization capabilities. It has many features to ease dat-to-day workflow of lawyers.  It is modular with the following main modules: Corporate Matter Management –Contract Lifecycle, Approval workflow & Document Automation – Litigation Case Management – Corporate Companies &Entity Management – Task Management & Workflows – tie Tracking – Billing, Expenses, Time Logs, Invoices – Legal Document Management – Reporting & Dashboards – Reminders & Notifications – Emails Synchronization & Tracking – Automation workflow, etc

Application support

Cloud-based (SaaS)

Private SaaS


Can also be hosted to your choice


  • On-Cloud/ SaaS: $19 Per user/month
  • Self-hosted (on server): Contact for pricing

Additional options

  • App4Legal for Outlook: $8 per user/month
  • App4Legal for Gmail: $8 per user/month
  • App4Legal Client Portal: $9 per user (unlimited number of users)/month
  • App4Legal Mobile App: Free
  • Free trial: Available
  • Free version: Not available

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2 Moxo Software

Moxo is a comprehensive cloud-based business solution that helps businesses to create a customized portal to maintain uninterrupted with all the teams and clients. Moxo is designed for virtual office will a suite of collaboration tools. Engaging end-users with a one-stop digital experience, Moxo enables businesses to provide continuous customer service in a branded portal using integrated video conferencing and secure messaging. Other functionalities Moxo offers include eSignature capabilities, virtual data rooms, screen sharing, visual annotations, transaction processing, task management, social media app connectors etc. with this, legal documents electronically signed with eSigneture features, categorized, organized with virtual rooms, securely stored in the cloud. Businesses can interact with work teams and client on social media platforms such as WeCat, WhatsApp etc. Moxo has Webhooks that is able to integrate with external systems for document management, CRM and more to streamline legal workflow.

Application support

  • Cloud-based
  • Mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices.


  • Contact Moxtra for pricing
  • Free trial: Available
  • Free version: Available

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3 Noble Justice Software

Nobel Justices is a legal case management software with the capacities to help law firms track and manage cases and court proceedings. With Nobel Justice, lawyers and law firms can easily assign tasks to legal teams according to court proceedings and share case-related information through chat, e-file documents and ensure compliance. Nobel Justice has features that enable administrators to create digital forms, calculate fees and generate real-time report. In addition, supervisors can create role-based permission to subordinates to view case-related information and track history on the centralized dashboard.


  • Contact for pricing
  • Free trial: not available
  • Free version: not available

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4 MyCase Software

As a cloud-based legal management technological solution, MyCase helps lawyers in law firms to easily communicate with clients and carry out daily legal services. The Platform provides capabilities for accounting and task scheduling. The features include accounting, time tracking, case management, contact management, and docketing. The solution allows users to sync their calendar collaborate with their team and clients. MyCase enables QuikBooks integration for electronic bill payments. Additional functionalities include custom communication template, dedicated client portal, contact management, case filing, expense tracking .

Application supports

  • Cloud-based
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices

Customer support: MyCase provides on-demand training webinars and customer support via phone, email and online knowledge base


  • Starting price at $39 per user/month
  • Annual and monthly billing options are available on contact
  • Free trial: Available
  • Free version: Not available

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5 Coyote Analytics

Coyote Analytics is financial software for legal billing. Available in both cloud-based and on-premise, Coyote Analytics has different modules for managing finance, billing, legal documents, contact, reporting scheduling. With Coyote Analytics` account feature, you can create monthly budgets, amortize over one year and import data from Excel spreadsheets. The solution allows attorneys to issue e-billing, edit worksheet to adjust fees and expenses. With few strokes, all information related to a particular case will show up in a snapshot view, granting lawyers access to documents, notes and billing details. It has Time Entry feature that captures time through mobile apps, enabling users to open multiple timers at same time. Attorneys can set up compliance rules, which helps reduce time it takes bill each client.

6 Actionstep Software

Actionstep is a cloud-base legal management software designed for small and medium legal firms. This solution offers tools for managing cases, billing, invoicing and accounting, and enables firms to streamline their legal workflow. Actionstep has the following capabilities: client relationship management by keeping track of all clients. Management of accounting – create invoices for both fixed fee case and time or appointment based cases. Attorneys can add customized files, fix appointments, schedule task, send emails from their dedicated portals. Customer can log in to online portal from anywhere to view their case related information, make payment, track deadlines etc, from the client-end of the solution. 

Application Supports

It supports integration with other systems like Google Mail, HotDocs, Xero, Microsoft Office. Actionstep has Outlook  Add-in can be integrated with Microsoft Office. Actionstep is browser agnostic is accessible using web browser on Mac, PC desktops and mobile devices.


  • Three premium plans are available

        Express: $49 per user/month payable annually, Practice Pro: $89 per user/month payable annually,         Practice Pro+ Accounting: $99 per user/month payable annually

  • Free trial: not available
  • Free version: not available

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7 LegalEdge

LegalEdge is a comprehensive legal case management software for government institutions, public prosecutors and defenders. LegalEdge offers two case screens: Civil Case and Criminal Case, and are available on same product – i.e you can use same platform to manage both civil and criminal cases. The Civil Case and matters screen has features for claims, contracts, legislative reviews, litigations and general for such as FOIA, opinions, and ADR. Criminal case prosecution screen include adult criminal matters, juvenile delinquencies and dependency, traffic offenses, contempt, and mental health. LegalEdge offers additional features that allows for integration to other government agencies such as police, courts, prisons, and integration of third-party applications like Outlook, Google for appearances, tasks, linking emails to cases.

Application Support

The solution is browser based

Works on PC, smartphones and tablets

Customer support

Via phone and email


  • Starting price: $750
  • Contact of more on Pricing
  • Free trial: Available
  • Free version: Not available

8 Expert Sierra

A product of Aderant, Expert Sierra is a cloud-based legal workflow management solution designed to assist law firms in managing their case files, task finance and other data relating to their operations. Expert Sierra solution allows attorneys to maintain details, expenses, profit costs and disbursements related to clients. Some the features of Expert Sierra software include billing, time tracking, time collaboration, reporting and remote access. Users can easily monitor billed and unbilled payments, track team performance through work-in-progress (WIP) feature at the dashboard.  The timekeeper feature helps managers to monitor and manage client billing and perform periodic reviews of work-in-progress and receivable accounts. It enables integration with third-party mail platform like Outlook, which enables users streamline communication with clients and team. Its calendar feature makes for scheduling and tracking of appointment.


  • Prices available on request. Contact Aderant for pricing.

Customer Support:

Support is provided through phone and email

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