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What is Compiler?

Compiler is a computer program that has the capacity to translate high-level language into a machine language/ low-level language that is readable to the computer. The high-level language is know as source while the low-level language is known as machine code.

Computers usually read instructions in machine language format written in binary. A binary is string of numbers made up of 0s and 1s.  Computers can’t understand human readable languages and humans many not also understand computer language (machine). Therefore programmers work with the programming language the have understanding of, which can then be translated to the machine language which the computer can understand. Compilers do the job of translating high-level (human-readable) language machine (computer-readable) language.

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What is Java Compiler?

Java compiler is a compiler that can convert Java code to bytecode. In other words, Java compiler converts .java file to .class file

What is Online Java Compiler?

Online java compiler is therefore an online software tool which can be used to compile and java programs. Online compilers help programmers especially learners to easily compiler and run java programs from anywhere. Before now programmers used to download Java IDEs to compile and run any java program even for the simplest script such as “ HELLO WORLD.”

Best Online Java Compilers

There are many online Java compilers out there but we have compiled the best online Java compilers for you.

  1. Jdoodle
  2. Codechef
  3. Repl
  5. OnlinedGdb
  6. Browxy
  7. JavaOnlineCompiler
  8. CompileJava
  10. Rextester
  11. OneCompiler
  12. Programiz

1 Jdoodle

Jdoodle is an online compiler tool that helps students to learn programming language. It has the capability to be used compile and run java program as well as C/C++, PHP, Python, Perl, HTML, Ruby etc. It provides easy and quick platform to compile and execute few lines of code online for the purpose of learning.


  • Supports many programming languages
  • Support almost all Java libraries
  • Platform support: Windows

Pricing: Free to use

2 Codechef

Codechef is an online Java programming tool that supports several languages like Java, C, C++,J Python and much more. It has a lot of tutorials got beginners and for the experienced programmers to improve on their skills, and also teach.


  • Supports different languages
  • Offers different levels of programming practice, ranging from beginner, armature, hard, expert, etc
  • Offers community of programmers` collaboration and support

Platform Support

  • Windows
  • Works on both PC and mobile devices

Pricing: Free


3 Repl

Repl is an open-source  online compiler, IDE, and interpreter tool  with capabilities of running programs in more than 50 languages such as Java, Javacript, C, C++, Python, HTML etc.


  • Interactive and Open-source
  • Enables sharing of codes

Good for learning and teaching of programming languages

Platform Support

  • Cloud-based
  • Windows

Pricing: Free


4 is a powerful online Java compiler. It is similar to popular IDEs, it has the capabilities to that compilation of code as the code is being typed. It shows the error during compilation and shows the result once typing is completed for easy debugging. You can create files, packages, folders using the platform.

Platform features

  • Starts compiling the code as soon as you start typing
  • Has powerful syntax highlighting feature
  • Suggests keywords using autocomplete
  • Allows sharing of code as an URL or a HTML snippet

Platform Support: Windows

Pricing: Free

5 OnlinedGdb

OnlinedGDB is an online compiler and debugger platform that supports various programming languages such ass C/C++, Java, Python, C#, VB etc. It has in-built gdb debugger. It is first online Java IDE that provides debugging feature.


  • Supports various languages
  • Enables command-line arguments
  • Provides gdb debugger facility

Platform Support: windows

Pricing: Free


6 Browxy

Browxy is a fast and simple online IDE that supports multiple programming languages such as Java, PHP, C, C++, Python and others. The following features may it a good online Java compiler:

It provides 3 views: Console View for I/O, Applet View, and  Log Vie to monitor or execute code

It offers features that enable users to either publish code publically or privately

You can keep track of all your code in Browxy dashboard.

7 JavaOnlineCompiler

This is a simple online Java compiler with minimal design and great functionalities.


  • Offers support for highlighting syntax of written code
  • Has simple editor window to copy and paste code
  • Supports command-line arguments
  • Offers options to change theme

8 CompileJava

CompileJava is fast and easy to use online Java compiler. It provides multiple themes that offer functionalities for easy coding. It also provides Applet support including Jpanel. The only downside of CompileJava is that it deletes submitted file after 5 minutes of execution, and does not store them for further use, although this is to make room applets.


  • Offers multiple themes
  • Supports Optional command-line arguments
  • Provides Applet support, JPanel

Platform Support: Windows

Pricing: Free to use


9 is another great online Java compiler with easy to use user interface that support other languages too. It has many features and functionalities.


Supports multiple files

Has autocomplete feature

It supports integration with third-party applications such as GitHub or Gist for code sharing

Allows multiple users to collaborate in real time

Enables task scheduling

10 Rextester

Initially developed as Regular Expression Tester and late developed as online Java IDE, Rextester offers simple user interface and it is used by millions of developers. Like most online Java IDE, Rextester also supports multiple other programming languages.


Input can be in Text Format

It offers multiple themes and option for change of theme

Supports both vertical and horizontal layouts

It supports saving and sharing the source code as URL

11 OneCompiler

OnCompiler is one of the robust, feature-rich online compiler for Java language, running Java LTS version 11. With OneCompiler, you can easily write, run and share Java code for free.  OneCompiler Java editor shows sample boilplate code when user chooses language as Java and start to code. It offers features for Gradle  for dependency management. Although, when you add the dependencies for the first time, it might be slow to run as you download the dependencies, but in your subsequent runs it begins to run faster


Supports Gradle for dependency management

It allows users to add dependencies on the build.gradle file and use then in running programs.

Provide sample on how to configure the Gradle and how to add dependencies

Platform Support


Pricing: Free


12. Programiz


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