Innoson Sets Unit Price of its IVM Keke

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Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing Ltd, first and largest Nigerian vehicles manufacturer recently rolled out its tricycle automobile product line, otherwise known as Keke or Marwa, to carter for the transportation need of lower class of Nigerian population.

How Much is Innoson Keke?

Following the release of the samples of IVM Keke, there have been different speculations on the price with some posting  fake prices on the internet especially on social media. 

In a statement released by Innoson Group Head of Corporate Communication, Cornel Osigwe on Monday, the company debunked the prices as fake, and advised prospective buyers and the general public to beware of scammers so as not to fall victims.

What is the Price of Innoson Keke?

IVM has set the price of its latest tricycles, otherwise known as Keke or Marwa at N950,000 per unit, which the few units manufactured were sold. This we got from a reliable source. Although, this price is not final price yet as the company is yet to roll out the tricycle in commercial quantity in to the market, Innoson Keke will crash the prices of Keke in Nigeria. Imported Keke is currently sold between N1.2 million to N1.35 million. 

Innoson Keke Price vs Imported Keke Price

  • Innoson Keke will be sold for N950,000 per unit
  • Imported Keke is sold for N1,200,000 - N1, 350,000 per unit depending on the products
  • Innoson Keke will be about N250,000 - N400,000 cheaper than imported Keke

What You Need to Know About IVM Keke

  • Innoson Vehicles produced so far are just few samples to test the market, and to get feedback from  its end-users.
  • Innoson Keke is not yet in the market
  • The company will roll out its Keke in the market by August/September 2022
  • The Price is not N300,000
  • Price is set tentatively at N950,000
  • It will be cheaper than imported ones

What Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing Ltd Said:

“What Innoson Vehicles produced were just a few samples for test marketing, this is to enable the end-users to give us feedback on some innovations added to it. 

“We're now collecting this useful feedbacks and the next set of first batches of the final products will come out between August/September. 

“In essence, the factory does not have units to sell to the market now and the cost is not N300,000 (300k). 

“Buyers Beware. Don't fall to scammers,”

Cornel Osigwe

Head Corporate Communications

IVM Innoson Group.

Alt: = "Official statement on IVM Keke

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