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Most of us are used to walking into a pharmacy to buy medicines, and to speak with a pharmacist. Sometimes we find it tiring to get to pharmacies to get drugs especially when we are down with ailments.

How about having mobile app via which we can order for medicine from the pharmacy, chat with pharmacists, and monitor our health conditions?

Maybe you operate a pharmacy store, how about having software solution to integrate and improve your services, offer online services?

F+ Pharmacy App

F+ Pharmacy App is an application that provides features for pharmacy owners to leverage technology to improve their sales and services.

Developed by Grupo Hefame, F+ Pharmacy App is the first and only of its kind in the pharmacy sector. It offers features to integrate parameters like eCommerce, health monitoring and telemedicine (chat with the pharmacy).

Features and Benefits of F+ Pharmacy

It offers features for consumers to check the benefits of buying at your pharmacy

You can promote your products and programs on the app and consumers view them and other exclusive offers

It offers users ability to add money in F+ wallet, make payment from it, access weekly health and wellness tips from pharmacies.

Also, the app is designed in such a way that enables  users to enter their health information such as blood pressure or blood sugar level and the growth data of the whole family. The pharmacist will have access and control over the data, and you can keep in touch through the chat, 

Another important benefit of the F+ Pharmacy app is integration of the pharmacy's website, which gives the consumers access to the pharmacy’s website, where they can shop online anytime, anywhere. 

With this app, the pharmacist can suggest to his clients the participation in events, book appointments for services that require an appointment at his pharmacy.

"The F+ App joins you to your F+ Pharmacy and allows you to keep up to date with all the news, promotions, events and health and wellness tips," statement from Grupo Hefame  said.

F+ Pharmacy App is available on Apple and Play Stores for iOS and Android devices.

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