eNaira New Features Support Payments for DSTV, Airtime, Air Tickets, Others – CBN


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The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has disclosed  it is updating the eNaira’s  to include features that would support  payments for DSTV renewals, recharge card purchases, air travel ticket payments, etc

Yusuf Abdul Jelil, eNaira project representative, announced this  at an event for the sensitisation and activation of e-Naira Wallet organised by the CBN in collaboration with Oshodi Market leaders.

According to Yusuf Abdul Jelil, CBN will sponsor  broadcast message over eNaira from now until next week, urging users to update their speed in order to make use of services such as DSTV renewals, recharge card payments, and air trip ticket purchases, among others.

“Any moment from now, there is an update coming, you will get a message on your app directing you to update your eNaira speed wallet. Once you update, those services you are asking for will be there whereby you can pay for DSTV, buy a recharge card, pay for airfare and so on. Within this week or early next week, you will get an alert asking you to update on your app and once you update, all these will be available,” Jelil said.

He added that you can transact with the eNaria by just dialing a USSD code on your phone, "even if you don't have an account."

“Even if you do not have an account, we are also going to have a USSD whereby you can make transactions. The USSD code is 997. It is coming with the update.”

He further explained that the CBN is now in the second phase of the eNaira onboarding process, with the first part focusing on persons who already have bank accounts.

“But now we are focusing on people who do not have any bank accounts. So that means there will be USSD code they can use to onboard and do transactions,” he said.

The raders at Kairo Market in Oshodi, Lagos, commended the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for launching the digital currency, e-Naira.

Recall, Business Compiler in its editorial on 23rd December, 2021 tilted “What CBN Needs to Do to Ensure Acceptability and Sustainability of eNaira” advised CBN to partner with teclos, paid TV services, and others, sponsoring publicities to create awareness and sensitize Nigerians on the use of eNaira, as some of measures to ensure acceptability and sustainability of the digit asset.

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