Boy Who Built Replica of Kano Overhead Bridge Gets Scholarship to Study in U.S, Mum Gets N1m


Alt: = "Boy who built replica of Kano Overhead bridge"

The Nigerian boy identified as Musa Sani, who went viral for built a replica of Kano overhead bridge has been awarded scholarship to study in the United State by a construction company after his genius work went viral on social media.

Musa Sani, who lives in Maiduguri, Nigeria with his parents had built a replica of the Kano State overhead bridge with locally-sourced materials, and  photos of his work went viral on social 

According to Twitter user @OvieNews who shared the good news on his Twitter handle, said he was contacted by the CEO of the construction company, adding that the boy was not only the beneficiary of the company’s largesse, but his entire family as the company also gifted the boy’s mother N1 million to start a business of her choice to uplift the face of the family. The company also promised to send Musa's siblings to good schools, and to move the family to a better apartment.

Alt: = "Tweet on boy who built replica of Kano bridge receiving scholarship"

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