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Proper accounting plays important role in a business success. Sometimes business financial accounting becomes tedious task especially when it is done manually with pen and paper. With software applications, accounting can are made easy, but many of these accounting software tools are either internet/cloud based and/ or are paid for before one can you them, and this makes them unaffordable for startup entrepreneurs and small businesses. Are you a startup entrepreneur or small business company that needs accounting software to streamline your business accounting work?

We have compiled 9 top free offline accounting software. These offline accounting software work on computer without any connection. They are called offline accounting software free download. You can choose any of them and download for free for your business accounting.

Free Offline Accounting Software

  1. Manager
  2. Money Manager Ex
  3. Vyapar
  4. VT Cashbook
  5. Pandle
  6. GnuCash
  7. SlickPie
  8. ZipBooks
  9. Akaunting
  10. Wave


1 Manager

Is the most comprehensive free accounting software that works offline. All your work is done offline when you download it on your PC and your data is automatically updated once you have internet connection. You don’t bother about losing your data when you are offline or when your internet is interrupted. It is compatible for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It works across-platforms, which means file created in one operating system can be transferred to another operating system. It is free forever. FREE DOWNLOAD

2 Money Manager Ex

Money Manager Ex is an open source software tool for budgeting and cashflow forecasting. It has features equivalent with the features of premium software, easy to learn and simple to use. It functions offline, so you need no internet connection, and it program can run fully from USB drive. This software is best suited for small traders.

Demerits of Money Manager EX

  • Setting it up is time complex and time consuming
  • As offline software, it does not support linking of online banking

3 Vyapar

Vyapar is one of the best offline accounting software that offers a one-stop solution for all accounting needs for small businesses. With Vyapar, you  can seamlessly track issued invoices, payment history, manage inventory, party-dues, prepare taxes and grow your business fast! Vyapar, uses automated technology to record every financial transaction in real time. It already has millions users in India. It was both online and offline. It has both mobile and desktop versions. FREE DOWNLOAD


Vyapar is not totally free. It offers only 15 days free trial after which you have to pay.

4 VT Cashbook

This is one of the top free offline accounting software for small business. VT Cashbook is desktop software where you have to install it on your PC and it does not require internet connections to work. It has both free and premium versions. The free versions offers features for recording of daily cash transactions, and preparation of account statements such as profit and loss, and balance sheets statements. FREE DOWNLOAD

 Demerit of the Free Version

The free version does not offer functionality to create and file VAT returns. You need to upgrade the premium version to be able to do that.

5 Pandle

Pandle   is relatively new accounting software. It is developed and mostly used in the UK but its tax features can be updated for use in any other countries. It has Free Version as well as  Premium/ Pro Version. The Pro version costs about $7 per month.

Some of the features of the Free Version include:

  • Can be used online with internet connection, or offline using the mobile app on iPhone or Android device.
  • It allows for multiple currencies transactions
  • Supports creation of sales quotes, invoices with your company's logo
  • Business reports such as balance sheet, profit and loss, trail balance cash flow, receivables and payables
  • It is United Kingdom VAT ready, so if you live in the UK, you get VAT submission. But if you are outside UK, you update to your country's VAT  

Demerits of Pandle Free Version

  • Does not support bank account linkage – it only available on Pro version
  • You cant  accept payment from customers with Pandle Pay as it does not support bank account linkage. You only get this feature on Pro Version
  • Bank feeds, receipt uploads, cash flow forecasting, stock control, projects management features are only available in Pro.

6 GnuCash

GnuCash is an open-source desktop, free accounting software for small businesses. Unlike cloud-based platforms, GnuCash is downloaded and installed on devices, and can work while offline. It gives one access to the program source code, which makes it easy for developers to add additional features and functionalities. This makes the software free forever and flexible to use.


  • It does not have much ready-to-use in-built features. 
  • Except you have coding knowledge to extra features and functionalities, this software may not be ideal for you. 

7 SlickPie

This is free accounting software for small businesses. It has both free and premium versions. The free version ha features for automated receipt entries, allows creation of quotes, estimates and invoices, can add up to 10 different businesses on one account. You can link PayPal and Stripe account to SlickPie for free to receive payments from customers who use PayPal and Stripe, although PayPal and Stripe transaction charges applied.

Demerit of SlickPie free version

  • The free version does not have in-built reporting features

8 ZipBooks

This is very good free accounting software for small businesses as it offer most important accounting features such as invoicing, billing, bank account integration, expense management and reports. You can receive online payment to your ZipBooks through PayPal and Square. Note that PayPal and Square transactions charges apply. FREE DOWNLOAD

9 Akaunting

Akaunting is another free accounting software. It offers many accounting features for small business. Some the features include that capability to create invoice, link bank accounts, track expenses, customer care, set up recurring bills, manage suppliers.


It does not support online payments. To be able to receive payments online and to access other features, you have to download third-party apps with yearly subscriptions

10 Wave Accounting

Wave is a cloud-based financial platform that allows small business to create invoices, track inventory, track payments and more. Some of the features that make Wave ideal for small business accounting tasks include connecting your bank account to Wave to upload transactions automatically. It has a Financial Snapshot that shows a chart of income and expenses. It allows you to download or print financial statements. Wave accounting is compatible both on mobile device as well as on computer. The company has a platform called Wave University where you can learn how to you the software. GET FOR FREE


The major demerit of this program is that it offers only basic of inventory tracking capability, so if you need inventory tracking software for large and comprehensive inventory management, you can check of the inventorytracking and management software we recommend here

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