High Cost of Feed Forcing Poultry Farmers to Close Down – Association


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Poultry Association of Nigeria says many poultry farmers have shut down their businesses due to high cost of feed.

The   Plateau chapter of the Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) Secretary, Nanji Gambo said this in an interview on Tuesday in Jos.

He lamented that the rising cost of consumables reduced their profit and made many members quit the business, adding that this has led to significant decline in membership of the association

“These farmers could not bear the high cost of feed, and so they crashed out of their businesses.”

Mrs Gambo said the farmers are barely breaking even, pointing out that the high cost of input is a huge setback for poultry farmers and urged the government to allow the import of maize and soya beans to reduce inadequate local production.

She added that despite the cost of inputs, buyers come with their own prices they are willing to pay, and the farmers are left with no option than to accept the prices not minding how ridiculous they are because eggs have short shelf life.

Lucy Agada, a farmer, said she had to quit poultry farming to look for another job.

Another farmer, John Oche, said he had to sell his poultry farm to look for an alternative business.

A miller, Bola Kehinde,  said that the price of maize had skyrocketed due to insecurity and border closures leading to he cost of feed products. 

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