Wasp Inventory Control System Software (Best Tracking Solution for Your Business)

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Wasp Inventory Control software is a complete inventory tracking solution for your small business. Wasp Inventory Control Software developed by Wasp Barcode Technologies  used in warehouses, stock rooms and supply closets, stock-carrying mobile truck, vessels and containers on voyage, manufacturing and distribution centers, installation contractors, and in any other businesses that related to buying, stocking and selling of products.

The use of this software in your business can reduce inventory costs such as stock-out or shortage penalty cost, ordering costs, storage costs, inventory write-off. The product enables you to track your inventory, maintain good re-order level system, economic order quantity (EOQ) without the complexity or expense of a bigger solution.

Within Inventory Control, you will able to define multiple sites with multiple locations. Also, you can easily create barcode labels with Wasp Inventory control and print them for attachment.


Industries Wasp Inventory Control System Software can be deployed include but not limited to are:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Retailing
  • Logistics and supply
  • Agriculture and natural resources
  • Construction
  • Service

Benefits of Using Wasp Inventory Control System

  • Improves business profitability and purchasing efficiency
  • Maintains accurate inventory counts for fewer year-end inventory write-offs
  • Ensures that right items are stocked to meet customer demand
  • Easily locate inventory items, eliminating unproductive time spent searching for stock
  • Includes Microsoft SQL Express database
  • Over 30 built-in reports
  • User-level security restricts access to only the staff members you designate
  • The find feature allows you to quickly find data

Features and Capabilities of Wasp Stock Control Software

Wasp Inventory Control System has the following features and capabilities useful for your inventory tracking processes

Inventory Tracking

  • Inventory can be tracked by site, location, serial number, PO number, supplier code, date code, lot, pallet, customer
  • Electronically handle the process of transferring inventory between sites
  • Maintain detailed supplier information
  • Tie inventory to the supplier
  • Maintain a complete inventory history including average, list, and sales cost
  • Check inventory items in and out, and track who has them and when they are due back for return

Inventory Quantity

  • View total available, total checked out, total in house
  • Establish reorder quantity levels for items by location
  • Adjust inventory counts
  • Remove counts from an existing item

Audit and Cycle Counts

  • Quickly perform audits with a mobile device to ensure 100% accurate inventory
  • Easily conduct monthly/quarterly cycle counts

New Inventory Items

  •  Create a new item number by scanning, typing, or selecting a number from a list
  • Use any number in the system (i.e. SKU, UPC, barcode, or serial number) to identify and differentiate new items
  • System can automatically enter a serial number for each new item (and establish a starting number)
  • After setting up a new inventory item in the system, use a scanner to add new inventory
  • Assign managers for specific inventory items
  • System an prompt your users to enter information for new items, such as a Lot, PO, or Supplier and disable unnecessary fields
  • Establish measurement units for tracking item quantities by pallet, box, container, gallon, and more
  • Link files to the inventory item (e.g., an image or specification file)

Product Specifications

Developed by: Wasp Barcode Technologies

Use: Inventory Management and Stock Control

OS: Windows

Deployment: Cloud or On-Premises enabled

Price: $795 (One-time license)

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