Russia Bans Britain-Linked Planes from Flying over Its Airspace


Alt: = "Virtim Putin, Russian Prime Minister"

Russian government has place restriction to all UK-linked planes, including transiting flights, from its airspace, Rosaviatsia aviation authority said in statement on Friday.

“A restriction was introduced on the use of Russian airspace for flights of aircraft owned, leased, or operated by an organisation linked to or registered in the UK,” the statement read.

The ban is coming after Britain prevented Russian  flagship carrier Aeroflot  from flying over Britain following the Russian attack on Ukraine. 

According to the statement the restriction took effect from 11:00 am Moscow time (0800 GMT), and included flights transiting through Russian airspace.

The decision was to have been take as a retaliation to “unfriendly decisions of the UK aviation authorities”. 

London on Thursday  banned Aeroflot from using British airspace.

It also froze the UK assets of Russian titans in banking and arms manufacturing, in sanctions announced after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an attack on Ukraine.

The UK Parliament also proposed taking over Chelsea FC from Abramovich, including his 152 million pound house.

Rosaviatsia said it sent its British counterpart a proposal to “hold consultations” on Thursday but received “a negative reply” on Friday.

Invading Russian forces reached the Ukrainian capital Kyiv on Friday leading to a crash of Ukrainian military plane with 14 onboard.

Putin defied a barrage of international sanctions and pressed on with the invasion, which he announced in the early hours of Thursday.

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