How to Get Free Backlinks when Your Contents are Copied

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It is common for people to copy other people’s contents. There are various ways to prevent people from copying your contents. Unfortunately, those techniques have not been successful as there are ways to circumvent them. For instance, you can disable right click on your site to prevent copy and paste. But then people still copy using screenshot method, or by pressing CTR+F+P then save it as PDF on their PC. So you can’t successfully block people from copying your contents, however you can at least earn backlinks from them.

There are many ranking factors Google considers in determining how site lists should appear on its SERPs. One of these factors undoubtedly is backlinks. Backlink is a form of vote of conference passed on a site by other sites, which tells Google that the linked site is valuable and a reliable source. With this, Google would consider showing this site to its users whenever there is a page that could answer users queries found on the site. When Site B links to site A for a particular keyword, it is unlikely for site B to outrank site A on same keyword.

Link building is one of the most difficult aspects of Search Engines Optimization, because this is what you can’t totally achieve on your own — you need collaboration and patronage of other webmasters in your niche. With the trick I’m going to show you now you will at least get a free backlinks, if you can’t stop people from copying your articles. The beauty of this trick is that it will be hard  to be detected when implemented.

How do you put your site link on your post so that when people copy your content, your links will follow it?

It is very simply. To do this, you have to implement black hat SEO. Embed your link in punctuation marks (comma, full stop, etc), and spaces. The links will be hidden such that even when the content is edited, not all the punctuation marks and spaces will be edited. You don’t have to insert link in all the punctuations and spaces, jut implement it at the strategic points. With this you will earn backlinks from the site where the articles are republished.

So instead of trying to stop people from copying your contents, which you wouldn’t be successful at anyways, you should focus on how to profits from such unethical act of people copying other people’s work. Despite that it’s a black hat SEO, it will help in building your domain authority.

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