Dangote Starts Assembling of Peugeot Vehicles in Kaduna, Nigeria


Alt: = "Dantote Peugeot Automobile Assembly Plant"

Dangote Industries Limited in partnership with Stellantis Group has established a Peugeot vehicles assembling plant in Kaduna

Dangote Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Limited (DPAN) which is jointly owned by Stellantis Group, Kano and Kaduna states government, and Dangote Industries Limited, owned by Aliko Dangote has commenced assembling of Peugeot vehicles at Greenfield Ultma Assembly plant. The plant has capacity to assembly 120 vehicles per day when used in full capacity.

This was disclosed by the managing director of the plant, Ibrahim Issa Gachi. He said the vehicles being assembled would meet all the safety standards and newest automobile technological features.

Some of the vehicle brands assembled are Peugeot 310,3008, 508, 5008, Landtrek.

The company assured that the spare parts of these new brands will be available in the market for easy repair and maintenance of the vehicles, stressing that it’s reestablishing contact with its old dealers and also new dealers to for easy supply to the market across Nigeria.

What You Should Know

In 2016 Dangote Group, Kaduna State government and Bank of Industry bought majority shares of nonfunctional Peugeot Automobile Assembly in Kaduna.

In 2017 Dangote Industries Limited obtained operating license to establish Peugeot Assembly plant in Nigeria.

This landmark project will give run to only indigenous vehicles manufacturing company, Innoson (IVM).

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