Best 25 Equipment Tracking Systems


In business, there are lots of assets used for the smooth running of the business operation. They could be factory, warehouse, haulage, shop floor equipment. These equipment need to be tracked and maintained. When these assets inventories are not well maintained, it can lead to running out of stock, loss of time, abrupt shutdown, and their associated loss of revenue and customers` goodwill.

Technology is changing the way things are done these days. Technological software is used for inventory management. Inventory control system like Wasp Inventory Control Software can be used to track and manage stocks.

We have compiled the list of top equipment racking systems software with brief review of their features and functionalities to help to make the right choice suitable for your business needs.Note: the aim of this article is for general information, and therefore does not amount to endorsement of any of them by Business Compiler and its publisher. You are advised to contact the companies for more information on their products, and you take responsibility for dealing with any of them.  

Equipment Tracking Software Systems

  1. Asset Panda
  2.   Asset Essentials
  3. AssetTiger
  4. AssetCloud
  5. Cheqroom
  6. Aptien
  7. Fishbowl
  8.  EzOfficeInventory
  9.  Fracttal One
  10. Geoforce
  11.  Dematic Sprocket
  12. IntelliTrack
  13. GigaTrak
  14. GoCodes
  15. Managerplus
  16. ToolHound
  17. Maximo
  18. MicroMain
  19. UpKeep
  20. ToolWatch
  21. ToolWork
  22. On!Track
  23. SAP EAM
  24. ShareMytoolbox
  25. Sortly

 1. Asset Panda

Alt: = "Asset Panda"

Asset Panda is an equipment tracking software that can be used to track any type and size of industrial equipment. The asset management platform has user interface compatible with different operating system. It uses an inbuilt scanner which can read barcodes. The program has both desktop and mobile applications.


Some of the features include: access on role basis, custom notifications, and it runs complete asset audit trails

Price: Minimum of $125/month for up to 500 assets, and additional prices for more than 500 assets.

Visit fore more.

2.  Asset Essentials

Alt: = "Asset Essentials"

This software is a cloud-based CMMS mobile application that can be used to simplify your business tools and equipment workflow. Each asset is assigned with barcodes with unique identifiers, and are used to add them to platform. The mobile app with GIS allows users mostly technicians, access to excellent tools from any location in the field. Asset Essentials is a product of Dude Solutions.


Dome the main features are equipment cost tracking, GIS asset management, and it creates maintenance work orders.

Price: Available on request

For more visit

3.  AssetTiger

Alt: = "AssetTiger"

AssetTiger is cloud-based software for asset tracking and management. It is very compatible barcode scanners. It generates customized reports useful for depreciation valuation and preventive maintenance of equipment. AssetTiger software application is available for both Android and iPhone mobile devices.


Barcode scanner-enabled

Preventive Maintenance scheduling

Customised alerts through email


There are three major plans for AssetTiger usage

1.      ATS-Free plan: Available for free for assets not more than 250

2.      ATS-500: $100/year for assets not more than 500

3.      ATS-2500: $200/year for assets not more than 2500

There are additional plans for assets more than 2500 (available on request)

Visit website for more at

 4. AssetCloud

Alt: = "AssetCloud"

AssetCloud is a software platform for complete facility and information technology assets tracking and inventory management. A Wasp Barcode Technologies product, integrated with Wasp series of barcode scanners, AssetCloud is a complete equipment tracking system. It performs standard reports, custom reports, reporting scheduling for accountability and insight.


User interface

Capital management regulatory compliance tools

Wasp barcode scanners hardware integration


There are three categories of subscriptions

AssetCloud Complete: $995+ annual fee for a cloud-based deployment

AssetCloudOP Basic: $1,795+ one-time fee for a self-hosted deployment

AssetCloudOP Complete: $6,995+ one-time payment for self-hosted deployment and enterprise features.

5. Cheqroom

Alt: = "Cheqroom"

As equipment tracking solution software, Cheqroom helps to locate and assess business assets. You can easily add maintenance identifier to assets that need repair and servicing; set up reminders for each assets for time of pickup when due for exchange or repair. It is a mobile app suitable for both android and IOS devices.


Barcode scanners

Mobile app

Geolocation tracking


There are about four plans

Essentials: $100 per month for 1 - 500 assets

Standard: $200 per month for 1 – 500 assets

Plus: $300 per month for up 500 assets

Enterprise: available on request

For more visit

6. Aptien


Aptien is an easy-to-use asset management software platform for tracking and equipment inventory management. Aptien saves business the labourous work of manual asset tracking by offering a centralized tracking and inventory control system. It is a multiple users tool.


Calibration and maintenance scheduling

Support for workforce management

Supports images and documents uploading

Contract management

Team collaboration

Backoffice management


Aptien has free plan as well as premium plans.

Free plan: free for single user and 100MB storage

Team plan: $6 per month for up to 10 users

Company: $11 per month for up 300 users

Enterprise: quote available on request

7. Fishbowl


Fishbowl is a well-known complete equipment tracking software tool designed to meet up different needs of different companies. It has many versions. Having different versions makes each of the versions to meet specific needs of businesses. The versions include Fishbowl Warehouse, Fishbowl Manufacturing, Fishbowl Online (a cloud-based version).


Supports multiple locations

Supports integrations with other popular software platforms

Serial number and lot tracking


Quote available on request

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