Reasons for Good Housing in Poultry Management

Proper housing is very important in the success of livestock farming especially in poultry farm management. Effective house design is very important for large commercial poultry enterprise. 

Important Reasons for Good Housing in Poultry Management

  • Protection of the birds from hard weather conditions
  • Protection from predators (wild and dangerous animals)
  • Protection of the birds from thieves
  • Provision of warmth
  • To help keep the animals in age groups
  • Easy control of the animals
  • Easy veterinary care

Qualities of Good Poultry Housing

  • It should be strong enough to last a long time
  • Large enough for the number of birds to be housed comfortably
  • Be well-drained and easy to clean
  • Be well lighted and ventilated
  • It must be well ventilated
  • Temperature, relative humidity and gas concentration should be at levels that will not harm the fowls
  • Should have isolation pens for sick, injured birds which should be at a distant away from the main house

Types of Poultry Housing Systems

There are basically two housing systems in commercial poultry production depending on either layer or broiler production.

Battery Cage

Alt: = "poultry battery cage with chickens inside"

This housing system is very common to commercial layer production and it allows for easy labour and management. The design and shape may differ from on farm to the other so also the quality depending on the price and availability of materials.

Deep Liter System

Alt: = "Deep liter poultry house with chickens inside"

Deep liter system can be practiced conveniently with both layer and broiler 

production and management systems. It is less expensive when compared to battery cage.

Poultry Housing Designs  

Alt: = "poultry housing building design"

Battery Cage System Design

Alt: = "Battery cage design"

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