Only Agriculture can Take Nigerians out of Poverty – Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari has asked Nigerians to the farm as  only agriculture can take Nigerians out of poverty.

President Buhari said this  while responding to questions from Channels TV journalists during an exclusive interview aired on Wednesday, stressing that there was a need to allow people to get access to farms.

“I’m not sure of how correct your calculations are, but all I know is that we have to allow people to have access to the farm. We just have to go back to the land. We have to go back to the land,” Mr Buhari insisted.

During the interview, Buhari also asked educated Nigeria to survive on their own without waiting for the government to create jobs for them.

While campaigning in Owerri ahead of the 2015 presidential election, the president said he would ensure that the naira was equal to the dollar in value if voted into office.

Mr Buhari faulting the exchange under the previous administration, said the N230 to one dollar rate did not speak well for the nation’s economy.

He however, made excuses for his regime’s poor performance during the interview,  Buhari urged critics to assess his success in the context of problems inherited from the previous administration. He argued that his administration had achieved some successes.

However, the dollar’s value has continued to worsen under the Mr Buhari regime. Business Compiler on January 1 reported that the Nigerian naira was devalued from N411 to N435 to a dollar, reaching an all-time low at the official market on Friday.

In June, the World Bank warned that Nigeria’s 10 years economic gains could be reversed under this present regime.

Another World Bank projection in March 2021 had predicted that no fewer than 20 million Nigerians would have plunged into poverty before the end of Mr Buhari’s tenure.

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