Countries Payretailers Operates, and its Services

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Payretailers is a technological and financial software company that helps businesses to great local commerce experience. Pay Retailers is a payment service provider that supports a wide range of payment methods via a seamless API integration and allows global businesses to trade with buyers and increase revenue in Latin America.

Funded in Barcelona, Spain in 2017, Payrtailers have managed eliminate the operational complexities in cross-border payments management and promote financial technologies in Latin America.

Despite being founded in Europe, Payretailers detected a difficulty across the whole of Latin America for a major section of the population to access financial products in order to manage their day-to-day needs. The objective was clear: to develop an online payment proposal that would allow global companies to connect with their potential clients and consumers within Latin America, via a secure, convenient and accessible payment network. It now has footprint across Latain America and Europe. It presently operates in 15 markets in Latain America (LATAM) and Europe. Payretailers  is available in South America, North America and Central America, including Europe

Services Offered by Payretailers

As the name implies, Payretailers  offers payments gateway services to ecommerce retailers, online business owners.

It offers a streamlined payment solution that supports over 250 payment methods, including alternative payment methods, bank transfers, QR Codes and wallets. All in one platform, so you do not need to integrate multiples acquirers and payment methods, set-up numerous local entities or manage separate pay-in and payout processors.

Their solution is suitable for multiple segments of the market, from e-learning to gaming, from financial services to travel and from ticketing to regular ecommerce companies of all sizes.

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For merchants looking to expand internationally across certain e-commerce verticals, a clear understanding of consumer behaviour and spending in their specific sector will be the difference between success and failure.

Countries Payretailers  operates




Costa Rica



El Salvador








Payment Methods Supported

Payretailers  supports up to 56 payment methods of which are either card payments or alternative payments methods

Card Payments methods

Payretailers  supports payments using both international and local bank cards

Alternative Payments Methods

There are banks transfer, Wire Transfer Payments wallets accepted international and or accepted within each market covered by Pay retailers.

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