Robotics Companies Aim at Removing Human Labour from Economy

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To curb labour in some shortage and labour costs, employers are working at how to total replace human workers with artificial intelligent machines, Futurism reports

Robots manufacturers are very happy about the development, and have said they are doing everything possible to oblige.

David Zapico, Chief Executive Officer, Ametek Inc., a robotics company, in an interview with Bloomberg News said his company is “firing on all cylinders “ because “people want to remove labor.” 

The Vice President of Hormel Foods Corp and Domino's Pizza collaborated the position of Zapico, saying they are investing in artificial intelligence to reduce labour costs and respond to a “tight labor supply.

Future of Work

This is endangering future of work for humans. If the trend continues, there come a day when human labour may no longer be needed in workplaces.

This raises a question of “what is in for human?”

As Daron Acemoglu, an economists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, puts it “labor demand will grow slowly, inequality will increase, and the prospects for many low-education workers will not be very good.”

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