Top 3 Best Restaurants in Africa

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The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy recently released  2021 world best restaurant ranking. Only one African restaurant made the list of  the list of top 50, while two other  African restaurants in the top 100. Interestingly, all the three restaurants are located in the same country. 

In this article we gibe you the details of the ranking and the African restaurants that made it to the list.

Every weekend, holiday , probably every once in a while you hang out with friends and family, take your lover on a date, or better still just chill all by yourself. There is no better place to do all these than a nice restaurant! Maybe, you already do have a favourite restaurant in your city or places you visit where you eat all the time. But is your favourite restaurant among the top best restaurants in Africa, according to latest rankings? I know you have class, want the best, so read on to find.

Some details about the 2021 best restaurants awards

According to the 2021 Word's Best Restaurants Awards,  top 100 list was dominated by restaurants in Europe, Americas and Asia, only three African restaurants made it to the top 100. Meanwhile, the entire Copenhagen-based restaurants (Noma and Geranium) took up the top two spots.

Do note that the annual world's best restaurant list is compiled by the World's 50 Best Restaurants Academy members through a voting process.

The top three best restaurants in Africa

According to the latest ranking, all the top three best restaurants in Africa are all located in South Africa. It is rather surprising why only three restaurants were chosen out of the entire continent. Even more interesting is the fact all of these restaurants are owned by white South Africans. But then again, the World's 50 Best Restaurants Academy is reputed for its selection criteria. So, we are just going to go with it.

Bellow are the top three best restaurants in Africa in 2021.

1. The Wolfgat

2. La Colombe Restaurant

3. Fyn Restaurant

The Wolfgat

The Wolfgat, established in 2016, is the best restaurant in Africa according to the latest global ranking of best restaurants in the world. The restaurant made it to the top 50, coming in at number 49 and making a name for itself as one of the best places in the world for a good gastronomy treats. It was established by Kobus van der Merwe who is currently the chief chef, and it’s located in South Africa

According Best Restaurant Academy, The Wolfgat  is the best in African and 49th in the world because:

"With a heavy focus on sustainability, Kobus van der Merwe’s restaurant in beautiful coastal Paternoster serves a seven-course menu built on local indigenous ingredients in dishes inspired by the surrounding landscape. With only 20 diners per sitting, the restaurant has an intimate atmosphere and, more importantly, maintains sustainability by keeping it small."

You can find the restaurant at 10 Sampson Street, Paternoster, South Africa. Note, however, that you can only dine in, as they do not do takeaways neither do they do deliveries.

La Colombe Restaurant

La Colombe Restaurant, also a South African restaurant  ranked 81 best restaurant in the world, automatically making it the second best restaurant on the African continent. The restaurant, which is located at Silvermist Wine Estate, Constantia Nek, Cape Town, 7806, offers diners amazing dining experiences. As at the time of filing this report, information about the restaurant's establishment and ownership was not readily available.

Fyn Restaurant

Fyn Restaurant, a Cape Town, South Africa based restaurant is the 92nd best restaurant in the world, making it the third best restaurant in Africa, based on that ranking. The restaurant is owned by Peter Tempelhoff and is located at the 5th Floor, Speakers Corner, 37 Parliament Street, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town. It does not do home deliveries as diners can only eat inside the restaurant.

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