Top 13 Best Health and Organic Food Stores in Canada | Walk-in & Online Groceries

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1. Natural Grocers


Natural Grocers was established in 1955 with focus on sale natural health products. Its products line includes 100% organic farm produce, meat & seafood, dairy, vitamins & supplements, pet products, body care, amongst others.

2. Morning Sun Health Foods 

Locations: Multiple locations — British Columbia, Alberta, Toronto

This west coast family business has 3 different food retail chains across the country.

Alive Health Center in British Columbia, Morning Sun Health Foods in Alberta and Supplements Plus in Toronto The Morning Sun franchise cares deeply about its customers and offers many promotions in their brochures and online newsletters.

3. Goodness Me

Location: Ontario 

This health food market has 10 locations in Ontario! They have a brochure on their website with great deals on organic groceries and even have ready meals, snacks and shakes made from fresh ingredients in-store. Check out their great recipes on their website too!

4. Well Well Well Nutrition Centre

Location: St. Catharine

Well Well Well Nutrition Centre is a long-established, well stocked and leading health food and nutrition store in St. Catharine that offers a wide range of products to help you live a long, healthy life.

Opened in 1998, Wll Well Well Nutrition Centre has one of the best health food stores I St. Catharine in terms of range of products it offers. It has knowledgeable team of employees including nutritional specialists who are handy to help you out.

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5. Essence of Life

Location: Ontario 

In this health food store in Toronto's Kensington Market, almost everything seems to be packaged: natural soaps, organic products, sustainable toothbrushes, incense sticks, vegan alternatives and much more can be found on the Essence of Life shelves.

6. Ambrosia

Location: Ontario 

What started as a small grocery wholesaler selling dried fruits, nuts, baking ingredients and other items has grown into Ambrosia with 3 stores. These stores, serve Toronto and GTA, now offer organic quality natural foods, vitamins, and minerals. Agricultural products, natural cosmetics and more! Their concept of selling groceries in bulk has remained unchanged over the years as they continue to buy products in bulk for the lowest prices possible. 

7. Walmart

Location: Toronto

Walmart is a leading health and organic food products store in the US which has expanded to Canada, North America, and UK.

8. Vitasave

Location: British Columbia

Vitasave has 2 wellness stores in Vancouver, but their online store,, is popular across the country, selling vitamins, nutritional supplements, and more at great prices and even offering free shipping to certain areas. 

9. Honey and Ginger

Location: Nova Scotia 

This health and wellness store has 2 locations in New Scotland. Both offer high quality foods and dietary supplements. They have dozens of natural beauty brands and even have product experts on the staff. Honey and Ginger are very particular about the brands and products they showcase so you know you are getting the best quality here. 

10. Marché Branche d'Olivier

Location: Quebec

At 5 Locations in Montreal, Marché Branche d'Olivier is a great health food store to visit while in town. They have organic snacks and products, ingredients in bulk, natural cleaning and hygiene products, and much more. Their friendly staff is trained and available to answer any questions, although you may need a translator if you are visiting. 

11. Community Natural Foods

Location: Alberta 

Community Natural Foods has provided healthy products to the Calgary people for over 50 years. You have all-natural edibles like plant-based dairy options, organic foods, canned foods, and more, along with a wide range of skin and natural beauty. Its 2 locations also offer delivery services for those in Calgary at 

12. Herbs and Nutrition 

Location: Ontario 

This downtown Toronto health food store on Bathurst and Bloor has all of your favorite organic brands and great products. I have a wide variety of supplements, condiments, and other culinary needs.

13. Nutrition House

Location: Multiple locations — Vancouver, Ontario, Calgary

Nutrition House is one of the players in Canada's health food industry. It has multiple locations in Vancouver, Calgary, and across Ontario. All store staff members receive ongoing training to ensure that your customers receive the best care and service. Here you can get almost all vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements under the sun, as well as popular superfoods and more. 


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