List of Top Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Approved Fintech and Others in Nigeria

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With the information technology revolution in the banking and financial service ecosystem globally, Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN has given license to some financial technological service operators to provide technological solutions in the financial sector of the Nigerian economy. There are about 44 top CBN approved fintech companies operating in Nigeria. There are other fintechs that operate in Nigeria without Central Bank of Nigeria's approval.

Some of these fintechs are  payment service banks, some are payment  service agents, peer-to-peer payment platforms, savings and investment platforms, online payment platforms, interbank settlement system, etc.

We understand that there are many of these fintechs, we only provided list of some of them. If you know or own any fintech that ought to be on this list, do well to contact us.

Top Fintech Companies Approved by CBN in Nigeria

Payment Service Banks

1. Mastermoney PSB

2. 9 PSB

3. Hope PSB

4.     SmartCash

5.     PalmPay

6.     Momo

Microfinance Banks

7.    OPay

8.    Moniepoint

Interbank Settlement System

9. Interswitch

10. Paystack

International Remittance Operators

11.   Switch

12.   ALAT

13.  Flatterwaves

14. Chipper Cash

ATM Service Providers

15. Verve (Interswitch)

16. Visa

17. Master Card 

Loan Apps/ Platforms

18. Renmoney

19. Fairmoney

20. Pay Day

21. Palmcredit

22. Soko Loan

23. Paylater

24. Chatpay

25. NaijaFund

26. Okash

27. Branch

Payment Wallets

28. Paga

29. Quickteller

30. Carbon

31. Arear  Ticket

32. eTranzact

33. Vogue Pay

34. KudiMoney


36. E-Ranzact

37. Remita

38. Kolopay

Savings & Investment Platforms

39. PiggyVest

40. Cowrywise

41. Payvest

42. I-invest

43. Kuda Bank

44. Bank with Mint

45. Farm Crowdy


47. Sumo Trust

There you have it!
Some of these fintech operators perform more than one function, it is  therefore necessary for you to visit their sites to know all the services they offer.

NOTE: this publication doesn't in anyway amount to endorsement of any of these fintechs except PiggyVest because I have been using it for years. You take responsibility for transaction you do with them.
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