Kano Overtakes Lagos as Nigeria's City with Fastest Internet Speed in Q3, 2021


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According to market report on mobile and fixed networks for third quarter (Q3) 2012 across Nigerian states by Ookla, Kano has the fastest internet connectivity speed.

Kano, with a mean download speed of 24.76 and an upload speed of 9.65, also had a mean latency score of 64ms. According to 2006 population census, Kano is the most populous city.

Lagos coming behind Kano, has mean download rate of 24.13 mbps, although Lagos has the highest internet usage as it’s the economic hub of Nigeria.

Other cities are Port Harcourt, Ibadan and Benin with internet speeds of up to 23.95 mbps, 23.27 mbps and 21.01Mbps respectively.

Top 5 Cities in Nigeria with the Fastest Internet Connectivity Speed, Q3, 2021

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According to the report, Airtel tops list of telecom broadband speed for the third consecutive quarters, and iPhone having the fastest processing speed

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